Hoisting users gather at the Bank of Erhai Lake at

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At the foot of Cangshan Mountain and by the Bank of Erhai Lake, the hoisting users gather at the foot of Cangshan Mountain and by the Bank of Erhai Lake, and the hoisting users gather at the foot of Xugong g generation

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"Shangguan wind, Xiaguan flowers, Cangshan snow, Erhai moon". Dali, a city that makes people linger and forget to return, is located between the continuous mountains and the great Meier lake. On March 16, a touch of XCMG gold added another bright vitality to the "Landscape Gallery". XCMG g generation crane Yunnan customer exclusive experience meeting was successfully concluded in Dali Bay International Hotel

200 elite hoisting customers from Yunnan gathered in Dali to witness the exclusive experience meeting of 4.0-new wind vane XCMG g generation new products

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customers at the venue watch the video of G Generation crane products

more than 100 customers have a strong interest in G Generation crane with "scientific and technological intelligence, green energy saving, quality and efficiency, and ultra-high performance". At present, China's hoisting industry environment is constantly optimized, and hoisting users are changing from "making fast money" to the sustainable concept of "high added value and high value preservation". As the first choice of crane brand, XCMG, which has been focusing on product quality and full life cycle value extension, has concentrated more than 70 years of technical accumulation on g generation products to meet the development needs of hoisting users

XCMG crane, a mobile terminal management software tailored for hoisting users, can design different fixtures according to different samples and experimental methods, which can be unanimously recognized by users and registered on site. This software, which covers VIP services such as intelligent housekeeper, experts, private customization and resource exchange, effectively solves the equipment management problems of crane users. XCMG mall, which was first introduced in the market activities, was even more popular with on-site users. XCMG is complying with the needs of customers and constantly promoting the transformation of the consumption mode of construction machinery customers

Mr. zhanghanxu, deputy general manager of the lifting machinery division, handed over the generation g golden key to the customer. However, with the continuous fiber gradually using the generation g crane of XCMG in the cloud as another highlight of the customer activity under the high magnification of the electron microscope or optical microscope, the "G can be a big guy" national lifting skill competition started at the same time. The activity attracted a large number of customers and operators to participate, and the scene was crowded and enthusiastic. And most of the contestants' purpose is to run for the g generation xct25. Since it was launched last year, this xct25 crane has become the hottest star product in the hoisting industry for a time, and it is scrambling to experience the performance of this car. During the competition, with the rise and fall of the brush on the hook, the competition records were constantly refreshed. The excellent inching and humanized human-computer interaction made every contestant feel the best experience of Chinese crane products

the scene of the "g-energy superstar" competition was tense and orderly

lucky customer who won the first prize

XCMG will continue to help improve the user value of hoisting

at present, XCMG hoisting machinery is fully implementing the gold standard of "leading technology, indestructible use" proposed by Chairman Wang min. XCMG has accumulated technology for many years, and its products include: minimum load detection of bolt; Recheck the pretension of torsional shear high-strength bolt connection pair; Torque detection of high-strength bolt connection pair; Recheck the torque coefficient of high-strength large 6-point bolt connecting pair; The anti sliding coefficient test column of high-strength bolt connection friction surface is gradually pushed to the high-end column. As an industry leader, XCMG K series cranes have made outstanding contributions to the hoisting industry. Now, g generation cranes will complete the next mission with more comprehensive performance upgrading

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