Wuhan saves money from Qiancong. Decoration is not

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After the "garlic you ruthless" and "beans you play", the "Xiang Qian cong" is popular, forcing the price of Cong in Wuhan to be higher

according to the statistics of Baishazhou market, the average wholesale price of green onions has been rising in the past month. The average wholesale price was 3.5 yuan/kg on February 14, 4.5 yuan/kg on March 5, and 5 yuan/kg on March 17

Wuhan "Congdong "After that, the price of home building materials also began to rise. Forced by the decoration price rise in March, some data show that in the past two years, the overall price increase of domestic wood raw materials has reached more than 10%. The prices of Lushui River board, imported egger board and odeson board have been raised several times, with the increase of about 10%. Enterprises need to bear the huge cost pressure brought about by this. Therefore, the price of home building materials should rise in 2012. At the same time, from 2005 At first, the labor cost of decoration workers was also rising at a rate of 20% per year. Now, a skilled Bricklayer's daily salary is about 150 yuan on average, the highest can reach more than 200 yuan, and the highest carpenter's salary is said to reach 400 yuan/day

how to save money in decoration? No rice decoration is the most troublesome, "garlic you are cruel" and "beans you play". Now Wuhan has begun to "give money and onions", and the decoration people can't afford to be hurt, except that they can't afford to be hurt. It seems that take a look at the tips and cases of saving money and decoration




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