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On March 26, the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized Home Furnishing Exhibition and the 6th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition were grandly held. The home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" specially interviewed Mr. Lin puzeng, the general manager

on March 26-28, 2016, at the 6th China (Guangzhou) customized Home Furnishing Exhibition and the 6th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition 2016, the concept of "solid wood ecological Wardrobe" was advocated - isowell appeared in this exhibition to exclusively display the core products such as "solid wood + original ecology" integrated wardrobe, which attracted many dealers to consult and negotiate cooperation. To this end, the home hotline and the reporter of "China Wardrobe" specially interviewed Mr. Lin puzeng, the general manager

(general manager Lin puzeng of essoville accepted an exclusive interview with home hotline Huiya information)

(essoville products and space display)

reporter: what new products or technologies do we have this time that can represent the future development trend of the company

President Lin: the brand of easwell easwell means ease comfortable and well healthy. We have been building a lifestyle of "healthy life and happy work". This year, our products are further upgraded. The cabinet body is made of logs and solid wood plates, and the surface is made of wood wax oil (vegetable oil), which not only retains the original log texture, but also is flat and smooth, truly reaching the concept of "solid wood ecology". Product differentiation is a very selling point; In addition, we have strengthened our development in terms of multi-function and intelligence. We are more suitable for small family rooms in terms of whole house customization, and provide more functional furniture for these rooms

Reporter: are there any enhancements in storage function, hardware or design

President Lin: the quality of our hardware has been greatly improved. The original imported hardware makes consumers feel very "slippery" when using it, which will be more close to the needs of consumers. Our design purpose is to better serve consumers, so that everyone's needs can be better met

reporter: the two sessions proposed supply side reform, one is "craftsman spirit", the other is to study consumer demand. Do we have any special practices in consumer research, and develop according to consumer habits

President Lin: you just mentioned the "craftsman spirit" proposed by the two sessions. Manufacturing is the foundation of the country. Only by doing a good job in manufacturing can the country develop. The key to doing a good job in manufacturing is to have the craftsman spirit. Only meticulous and refined workers can make the brand of manufacturing famous. Since 2015, isoville has put forward the idea of craftsmanship and refinement, and used the spirit of craftsman to do a good job in the wardrobe and the brand of isoville. As for the research on the needs of consumers, we have made efforts in the following two aspects: first, the whole house customization. Isoville will do a good job in wardrobe, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet and other products of the whole house according to the actual needs of customers, which solves the confusion of customers' multiple purchases. Second, in terms of functionality, the use of more intelligent and multifunctional hardware ensures the convenience and superiority of consumers. You mentioned de stocking and de leveraging. Isoville will cooperate with large real estate companies to reduce the cost of whole house customization on the premise of ensuring quality, so as to reduce the price of hardbound houses, adapt to the national strategic development, and feed back more benefits to consumers

Reporter: are there any new series developed according to the preferences of consumers

President Lin: in this exhibition, we launched a modern Hong Kong style for post-80s and post-90s consumers. It mainly focuses on the ecological concept of solid wood, using Mongolian Scotch Pine + wood wax oil imported from Russia, which is an environmental friendly vegetable oil without formaldehyde. At the same time, we start with multi-function and add Hong Kong style elements. This is our main Hong Kong style design style, which is a highlight of isoville this year





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