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When signing a contract with a decoration company, the owner often pays attention to the terms listed in the contract and calculates his own decoration account according to the project

when signing contracts with decoration companies, owners often pay attention to the terms listed in the contract and calculate their own decoration accounts according to the project. But many decoration companies will add many unnecessary items to the decoration contract to cheat consumers. For the owners of layman decoration, how can they better avoid such things to save decoration money

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a decoration expert said that whether it is a designer or a decoration company, out of the instinct of making profits, it will list some necessary and unnecessary items in the initial quotation. At this time, consumers should polish their eyes and delete those unnecessary items to save money, but not everything can be saved. Consumers should know well in advance when negotiating contracts with decoration companies. While considering meeting the basic use functions and reflecting the home modeling atmosphere, residents should establish a reasonable decoration cost investment in advance according to their own economic conditions. Generally, the gross profit margin of formal decoration enterprises accounts for about 10-20% of the total project cost. Some consumers cut the management fee of a company to 5% of the total project cost. In order to maintain a reasonable profit, decoration companies have to "cut corners" on material costs and labor costs, and the ultimate victims are still residents

in fact, if there is a reasonable design of designers, these problems can be completely avoided from the root. Xia Gong, a decorator, pointed out that a reasonable design scheme is actually the most basic way to save money, because generally speaking, the designer will mark the functions, decoration, materials, etc. of the room on the construction drawing one by one, and can modify them until you are satisfied, so as to avoid the waste of human, material and financial resources caused by watching and changing while doing in the decoration process, not to mention the unreasonable design, It will lead to the underutilization of some indoor space, which is also a huge loss

experts suggest that before decoration, enough time must be set aside to put the design, materials, inquiry and budget in place. The more sufficient the preliminary preparation is, the faster the decoration may be. When purchasing materials, we must shop around and invite designers or decoration workers to go with us as much as possible, so that they can know where to buy high-quality and low-cost materials and get twice the result with half the effort. In addition, it is also feasible to rely on decoration companies to select materials. Decoration companies have fixed outlets in material selection. Due to large quantities of material selection, the quality is stable and the price is relatively low. When residents receive the engineering drawings and quotations, they must read them carefully and pay attention to whether all the decoration items you require have been provided: for example, whether there are missing curtains, understating a door, etc., and they should not stare at the final total price, because if the quotation does not include all the items you want, it will still exceed the budget in the end. Moreover, these missing projects will definitely be indispensable when they arrive at the construction site. At that time, they will not only increase the expenditure, but also "be controlled by others"

materials are used for workmanship, and it is clear that

now some decoration companies often choose fake and inferior products when purchasing materials on behalf of others to make huge profits. Therefore, for the drawings and quotations provided by decoration companies, consumers must ask decoration companies to list lists that can show the size, practice, materials (including model, brand) and price of the project. We cannot say it in general, but we must make it clear, Write clearly, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future, and then seek advice from people who are knowledgeable or go to the market to investigate in person to find out whether these main materials are genuine





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