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Industry situation, recently, various price increases have been heard, ranging from raw materials to freight, etc., and the door and window industry cannot be isolated, and it is also facing this dilemma


industry situation

recently, various price increases have been heard, ranging from raw materials to freight, and so on. The door and window industry can't be alone, and it is also facing this dilemma. For the main raw material of doors and windows - aluminum alloy profiles, in the golden nine silver ten stage, it is with rapid price growth, so that many enterprises feel pressure


industry phenomenon

under the general background of rising overall transportation costs, falling RMB foreign exchange rate and national policy restrictions, it leads to a short-term shortage of overall aluminum materials and affects the rise of prices. In this wave of price increases, the most uncomfortable may be the major dealers and door and window factories. For some small and medium-sized door and window factories, they often pass on the cost pressure by raising the price of products, and get a chance to breathe; Or reduce the production of aluminum products and replace them with doors and windows made of other materials. However, it is the consumers who will ultimately be injured and pay for it. If this situation continues, over time, it will eventually lead to chaos in the door and window market, product quality and quality can not be guaranteed, and Shanzhai door and window products will become more rampant, seriously affecting the reputation of various brands. Roland Sini, as one of the top ten brands of doors and windows, is well aware of the stakes and does not support this method of treating the symptoms but not the root cause


our practice during the rise and fall of various prices, Roland Sini responded freely and calmly, and promised the majority of consumers that the price would not rise. When consumers did not know the inside story, Roland Sini absolutely guaranteed the stability of the price and followed the opinions of consumers, which fully reflected Roland Sini's reputation and integrity and its strength as one of the top ten door and window brands. Quality and quantity are guaranteed. Even under the background of rising prices, without raising prices, we will always strive for perfection and nitpicking for every door and window, and always abide by the moral code of the door and window people. Quality and quantity can be guaranteed under the supervision of the whole society


our methods improve the ability of R & D and innovation, and strengthen the energy conservation and environmental protection of doors and windows. And develop in the direction of humanization and convenience, increase the investment of technicians and funds, further optimize the process, develop new and high technologies to save door and window profiles, save raw materials for the public, and enhance energy conservation and environmental protection, which is the fundamental solution to the problem. The market price has always been ups and downs, which is difficult to predict. However, no matter how unpredictable the market is, as long as enterprises never forget their original intentions, start from consumers and start from themselves, they will certainly go further






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