The decoration design scheme of 109 square meters

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How to solve all the functions of living room, bedroom, study and kitchen in a limited space is not a much simpler problem than mathematics in the college entrance examination

fortunately, the post-80s generation is happy to accept and dare to try any wonderful ideas in life. In this way, many wonderful ideas emerge in an endless stream in space design. Let's take a look at the creative ideas in decoration

1. Now you see the 40 square meter large bay, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and dressing room. Its extreme use of space shows us a possibility &mdash& mdash; The beauty of home will never be overshadowed by its small size

2. For small houses, it is a luxury to arrange dressing rooms, but if you can make full use of all kinds of hangers and shelves and maximize its function, it will also be very practical

3. The light interwoven by a group of chandeliers hanging from the roof, spotlights parallel to the ground, and desk lamps creates a different level for simple space

4. The corridor space at the entrance is used to create a reading corner and dining area with furniture with coordinated colors and similar styles and styles

5. To simplify the home, most of them choose low cabinets to free up a larger upper space, which to a large extent alleviates the compactness of the space, and even the TV is suspended

different household types have different decoration design characteristics, and different owners have their own personalized decoration choices. This set of books selects more than 40 latest design cases, all of which are medium-sized middle-sized houses. Each case in the book is equipped with detailed design description, plan sketch, house type area, approximate cost and other information, so as to show each home design case more completely

many cases basically cover all kinds of design styles that appear in the current interior decoration. The organic combination of cases and explanatory text by plane layout can allow owners to easily grasp the decoration and design methods of different house types and different styles of rooms, and also allow readers to have a comprehensive perception of family decoration in advance

today's 109 flat apartment decoration design scheme is introduced here. If you are interested, you can try the above methods as Xiaobian said, which will definitely bring you a different experience





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