A new generation of American classical stylists

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The front of the house is a hand-painted screen, which is made by French artists. The front six buckets of mahogany are a few short, which has a strong visual sense. At the same time, it also cleverly blocks the bathroom facing the entrance door, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. The restaurant and the porch are paved with antique floor tiles obliquely, so that the space has a sense of expansion. The small flower tiles surround the edge to distinguish the functional areas. The closet on the right side of the entrance contains the storage area and the shoes, clothes and hats area. From the outside, it is a symmetrical three sliding door, The middle sliding door is a GERT pattern originally created by the designer, with a distinctive theme

the dining room is on the left side of the door, and the dining table and chair are made of unified cherry wood. Considering the cleanliness of the restaurant, the owner of the house used floor tiles in the restaurant and the porch, and had been worried about the unnatural connection before installation. It looks good now. Another picture from the dining room to the living room, with a screen, feels like being in an oil painting

the rattan wallpaper injects vitality into the space, so that the home does not appear heavy. The small solid wood tea table and the TV cabinet seem to be talking. The colorful wool carpet and the flashing crystal lamp all contain a certain geomantic principle. Standing aside, a suitcase is not only a storage tool, but also a resting place, which is extremely beautiful. Carpets and sofas from Egyptian market are customized

the color matching and tiling of antique small square bricks enumerate the delicious food born here. The cherry wood cabinet and the sauna board ceiling complement each other, and are also extremely harmonious with the whole family. The black-and-white anti-skid floor tiles inject a happy rhythm into the space. Even if you don't cook, it's also a pleasure to stay in the kitchen Indeed, life should be a kind of enjoyment

the wall of the bathroom is a delicate mosaic, which echoes the painted glass pattern on the door. Bathing here is like being in a sea of flowers. With a background music system and a faint fragrance, it looks very comfortable. The toilet matches the style here. The corner shaped water tank cover is a perfect match for the European style. The sauna board is used on the top of the toilet, which is much more coordinated than the metal gusset board. The space is a little small, but it is small and compact with complete functions

when you enter here, you will find American idyllic style. Log materials are all over the cabin, carved doorheads, and traditional American box beds. Besides complete functions, there is unity and harmony. The bed was moved from the original residence, and the leather back of the bed is very comfortable to use. The "Helios" mirror is the unique background of the bedside





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