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in July this year, the owner of a Hanfei Western-style house made an impression that he signed a decoration contract with a decoration company. At first, it was smooth, but the hydropower workers did a good job. After the second sum of money was remitted, strange things followed. The first is the shoe cabinet. The project manager said that there is no money for the shoe cabinet door in the decoration budget, so it can only be done with extra money, and it also marked the handle self purchase. Then there is the ceiling, which is written in the budget, but the project manager said that the gypsum line had to be paid separately, otherwise it would not be done. Now the decoration of the owner of Hanfei foreign house impression was stopped there, and she didn't know what to do

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generally, it takes what is written in the decoration contract to take effect, but it is not a way to procrastinate like this. In fact, no matter how to do the decoration budget and how to write the decoration contract clearly, there will always be negligence when it comes to decoration, which is why many families have to pay more for the later decoration, but some small project materials can only be counted. If there is more, Then there is a problem with the decoration company

such things are probably normal. At least when I decorate, the budget I see is rarely complete. Only one of the most expensive one is really complete, and if I miss too much, I can miss more than 5000 yuan. Therefore, Wuhan decoration owners have to look at the quotations of several companies themselves, and then put them together to check, and it is easy to find what is missing. There is no way to ask you to increase money when it is not in the budget. The landlord "added" the project. If I reduce the project, I don't know what the final situation will be

construction drawings are only a part of the construction effect, and the real price is calculated according to the budget table. It is estimated that the situation encountered by the owner of Hanfei foreign house is that the designers deliberately failed to report the project in order to promote business

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