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Spring comes, the weather warms up, and everything recovers. For the decoration industry, spring is a good season for decoration. Modern simple style is the preferred decoration style for many owners. Its simple design features and fashionable color matching are suitable decoration styles for a variety of house types. Let's take the decoration of 86 square meters three bedrooms and two halls on the Yu'an of Shimao forest as an example to appreciate the decoration features of modern simple style

on the Lantau Bank of Shimao forest, the surrounding colleges and universities stand on the edge of Thomson lake. Create the life concept of "Shanghai style college fashion". Around the Lantau Bank of shimaolin, there are lake scenery resources such as South Lake, Yezhi lake, Huangjia lake and Tangxun Lake. It sits in the high-end residential area near the lake in the city, facing the lake in three directions and viewing the lake at 270 °, with beautiful natural scenery, fresh air and high oxygen content

Design Description: modern simple decoration makes full use of black-and-white collocation, and uses simple design concepts to create a unique decoration style. Simple design without exaggeration, small and exquisite furniture, and clean and bright color matching make the whole house elegant. Although simple, it does not lose the beauty of noble atmosphere. The owners prefer the open living room design, so the open connection between the living room and the dining room makes the living room more spacious. As a facade, the living room also fully demonstrates its important role in the decoration

[decoration effect drawing of modern simple three rooms and two halls]

the most important thing in the living room is the design of the TV background wall. Not everyone likes the exaggerated background, so a simple monochrome tone is the best choice

the most important thing in the bedroom is to be comfortable. Warm and soft lighting design, mild color matching and simple and generous design all make the bedroom more comfortable to live in

the design of open living room can achieve the effect of living room expansion, and the design of restaurant close to the living room can make the taste of home stronger

the modern simple style is especially suitable for the decoration of small and medium-sized households, so if you are preparing the decoration of your home, you might as well try this style of decoration. I believe this style will be suitable for you. If you are preparing the decoration of your home, you might as well come to Wuhan home decoration network to publish Wuhan Decoration bidding information. We have more professional decoration knowledge and more authoritative ranking of Wuhan decoration companies. Wuhan home decoration network is fully supported and supervised by Hubei decoration industry association. Wuhan is the only platform that truly provides third-party decoration supervision services, so that you can really rest assured of decoration. Registration Tel.: 400-607-2258 [free application]





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