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We all need to understand every detail of decoration clearly before decoration. When looking for a decoration company, the decoration company will always give us a large amount of information, and it is impossible for the owners of decoration Xiaobai to understand it at all, so here I share with you the quotation list of decoration companies in all links of decoration, and everyone can understand it together

the quotation list of the decoration company is believed to be a matter of great concern to everyone. We need to clearly understand every detail of the decoration before decoration. When looking for the decoration company, the decoration company will always give us a large amount of information, and it is impossible for the owners of the decoration company to understand it at all, so here I will share with you the quotation list of the decoration company in all links of the decoration, and everyone can understand it together

I. composition of the quotation list of decoration companies

the quotation list of decoration companies of different companies may be different, but the quotation list of formal decoration companies should include some indispensable parts. Let's take a look at the composition of the quotation schedule of the more qualified decoration companies

project information: generally appears at the beginning of the quotation, mainly including the name of the decoration company and the owner, their respective contact numbers and addresses and other basic information

detailed quotation of the project

1, serial number/Project Name: you can see how many projects of the house need construction, and you can see where there are additions and omissions in combination with the drawings

2. Quantity: it is a data to calculate the total quantities, which can be the construction area, or the quantity of materials, etc

3. Unit: you can know how the decoration company calculates the price, such as by area or by project quantity

4. Material unit price & Total price material: it is the project with the largest cost in the decoration project, and its accuracy directly affects the total expenditure of decoration

5. Labor unit price & Total labor unit price: refers to the wages of workers, which can reflect the level of workers; The total price calculation involves the construction quantity

6. Material specification and process description: indicate the brand, model and detailed construction process of main materials and auxiliary materials

note: for some other specific agreed clear signs, especially in the case of half package, which are provided by the owner and which need to be purchased by the decoration company, they can be marked here

signature: the end of the quotation list of general decoration companies needs the signature of the designer and the owner for confirmation

the decoration quotation is generally composed of the parts listed in the above table. Although the components are relatively simple, it seems to be clear at a glance. In fact, it can be hidden by the decoration company “ Greasy ” And there are many places that are difficult to be found! As the saying goes, what you buy is not as good as what you sell, so is decoration. Decoration companies are always superior to owners. What the owners can do is to minimize the waste of money

II. Expenses included in the quotation schedule of the decoration company

material expenses: including the expenses of some main materials and auxiliary materials, such as latex paint, wood board, etc; Auxiliary materials such as glue, cement, sand, etc. The calculation method is generally obtained by multiplying the unit price of materials and the usage

labor costs: including labor costs of different types of work, such as carpentry, bricklaying, water electrician, painter, etc. the current calculation method is generally calculated by multiplying the construction unit price by the construction area

management fee: generally, it is charged at about 5% of the work quantity. Including the salary of management personnel, license fees, depreciation of fixed assets, tool usage fees, etc

freight and handling charges: including project material handling and garbage removal. The materials purchased by the owner generally need to be handled by the owner

cleaning fee: it is optional to clean the whole house. The owner can also clean it by himself, saving this fee

decoration costs generally include design costs, material costs, construction costs, etc. In the decoration quotation, the design fee is generally not reflected. It often includes material costs, labor costs, management costs, and some optional items, such as formaldehyde cleaning costs, cleaning costs, etc

III. detailed quotation list of decoration companies labor cost

1. The labor cost of tile laying starts from the bottom

the price of tile laying varies according to different processes. Basically, the quotation of labor cost of tile laying of large and medium-sized urban decoration companies is generally 35 yuan — 60 yuan/square meter, the seamless process is about 6 yuan more than the seamed process. Among them, the normal floor tiles are 35 yuan/square meter, such as mosaic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and other places, and the labor cost is doubled, about 50 yuan — 60 yuan/square meter

note: the algorithm of ceramic tile per square meter is 1/(ceramic tile length × width) length and width are 600mm, and 1/(0.6× 0.6) &asymp per square meter; 3. The paving area of wall tiles can be estimated by five times the floor area of kitchen and bathroom, but this value is not very accurate

2. Labor cost of painting wall

generally, the labor cost of painting emulsion paint in the market ranges from 13 to mdash; 15 yuan/square meter, compared with 10 or 13 yuan/square meter before the year, the increase is not small. It is basically difficult to find a master with 13 yuan/square meter. If it is a second-hand house decoration, you need to shovel the wall again and brush the interface agent again, and you need to add about 4 yuan per square meter

note: Calculation of wall brushing area: house area × 2.7= wall brushing area (the error between the wall brushing area calculated by the formula and the actual wall brushing area is not more than 10%)

3. Labor cost of making furniture

different material prices are different, 80 yuan — There are 200 yuan/square meter, and there is another method of calculating the projected area, which is about 400 yuan — 600 yuan/square meter. This calculation method should make clear the material used in each part. Both calculation methods include labor cost and material cost; Among them, if the carpenter makes the cabinet body, excluding the door, 150/m2, and the cabinet door is calculated separately

most of the materials used are wood core board, plywood and wood board. The edge banding of furniture is also manual. The tightness and fineness test the craftsmanship of the master. If the carpenter wants to paint on site after finishing, the paint cost and labor cost should be calculated separately

4. Labor cost of hydropower transformation

hydropower project is a hidden project that is prone to problems. The labor cost of clearing the package is about 35 yuan/meter. However, due to the owner's own purchase of materials, hidden dangers in the later stage are easy to cause events of unknown responsibility with the decoration company. Most owners still contract the materials and labor of hydropower transformation to decoration companies. In this case, the price of hydropower transformation is about 70— About 85 yuan/meter (including auxiliary materials)

price reference: for the actual amount of general hydropower projects, the house types below 80 square meters range from 5000 yuan to 6000 yuan, and the house types below 120 square meters range from 8000 yuan to 9000 yuan. Generally, the home decoration company will collect the advance payment for hydropower in advance

summary: the above is the quotation list of decoration companies for you. You all need to understand. Before decoration, you should clearly understand every detail of decoration, and there will be no problems left out in the next. I hope it can help you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this website, and look forward to more highlights




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