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History of world welding development

forging and welding technology appeared in Egypt over 3000 BC

in the Yin Dynasty of China over 2000 BC, weapons were made by casting and welding

before 200 BC, China had mastered the brazing of bronze and the forging and welding of iron

1801: Arc was discovered in vy, England

1836: Edmund Davy discovered acetylene gas

1856: James Joule, an English physicist, discovered the principle of resistance welding

1859: Deville and Debray invented oxyhydrogen gas welding

1881: de meritens, a Frenchman, invented the earliest carbon arc welding machine

In 1881, Dr. R. h. Thurston of the United States spent six years to complete all experiments on the strength and elongation of a full series of copper zinc alloy solders

1882: Robert A. Hadfield, an Englishman, invented and named austenitic manganese steel and obtained a patent right

1885: American Elihu Thompson obtained the patent right of resistance welding machine

1885: Russian benardosolszewski developed carbon arc welding technology

1888: Russian H г. C лавянов Invention of metal electrode arc welding

1889-1890: American C. L. coffin first used welding wire as electrode for arc welding

1890; American C. L. coffin put forward the concept of welding in oxidizing medium

1890: Brown, an Englishman, made the first attempt to rob a bank by cutting with oxygen and gas

1895: Konrad roentgen, a Bavarian, observed the X-ray phenomenon when an electron stream passed through a vacuum tube

1895: Le Chatelier, a Frenchman, obtained the certificate of inventing oxyacetylene flame

1898: German Goldschmidt invented thermit welding

1898: Klebsiella germanica Schmidt invented copper electrode arc welding

1900: British strohmyer invented thin coated electrode

1900: the French fo took the initiative to initiate the system development. Uch and Picard manufactured the first oxyacetylene cutting torch

1901: German menne invented oxygen lance cutting

1904: Swedish Oscar Kegelberg has established the world's first welding electrode plant - OK electrode plant of ESAB company

1904: American avery invented portable steel cylinder

In 1907, when the old central railway station was demolished in New York, America, more than 20% of the engineering cost was saved due to the use of oxyacetylene cutting

1907: in October, o. kjellberg, a Swede, perfected the thick coated electrode

1909: Schonherr invented plasma arc

manual plasma arc cutting

underwater plasma cutting

1911: the first 11 mile long pipeline welded by oxygen solvent gas welding was built by Philadelphia & suburban gas company

In 1912, the first oxyacetylene gas welded steel pipe was put into the market

1912: Edward g. Budd company in Philadelphia, USA produced the first all steel automobile body welded by resistance spot welding

about 1912: in order to produce the famous model T automobile, Ford Motor Company completed the modern welding process in the laboratory of its own factory

1913: Avery and Fisher perfected acetylene cylinders in Indianapolis, USA

1916: Ansel Zehnder About invented the X-ray nondestructive testing method for welding area

In 1917, 109 marine engines captured from Germany were repaired by arc welding during World War I, and 500000 American soldiers were transported to France by these repaired ships

1917: Webster & Southbridge electric company, located in Massachusetts, USA, used electric arc welding equipment to weld 11 mile long pipelines with a diameter of 3 inches, including digital display universal experimental machine, microcomputer screen display hydraulic machine universal experimental machine, microcomputer controlled hydraulic servo Electromechanical Universal experimental machine, etc

1919: comfort AMS established the American Welding Society (AWS)

1924 American Welding Association commemorative photo

1919: lslag invented AC welding

1920: gerdien discovered the thermal effect of plasma flow

1920: the first fully welded hull steamboat, fulagar, was launched in Britain

about 1920: began to use arc welding to repair some valuable equipment

about 1920: the Johnson process, which uses resistance welding to weld steel pipes, was patented

circa 1920: the first oil tanker, Poughkeepsie SOCONY, built by welding, was launched in the United States

circa 1920: flux cored wires were used for hardfacing

1922: Prairie pipeline company successfully completed the laying of an 8-inch diameter and 140 mile long crude oil transmission pipeline from Mexico to Dexas by using oxyacetylene welding technology

1923: Stody invented surfacing

1923: the world's first floating roof storage tank (used to store gasoline or other chemicals) was built; Its advantage is that the welded floating roof and tank wall form a tank that can be raised or lowered like a telescope, so that the volume of the tank can be easily changed

1924: Magnolia gas company built a 14 mile long natural gas pipeline with full welding structure using oxyacetylene welding technology

1924: ster first used X-ray photography in the United States to inspect the quality of castings to be installed with steam pressure of 8.3mpa for the power plant of Boston Edison Company

1926: American Langmuir invented atomic hydrogen welding

1926: Alexandre invented the principle of CO2 gas shielded welding

In 1926, the American ith company took the lead in introducing the manufacturing method of applying protective solid outside the metal electrode for arc welding by extrusion to further improve the manufacturing innovation system coating (i.e. manual arc welding electrode) with enterprise as the main body, market as the guide and the combination of production, study, research and application

1926: chromium tungsten cobalt welding material alloy obtained the first patent on flux cored wire

1926: American Bart and vers obtained the patent of using helium as arc shielding gas

1927: Lindberg successfully flew Ryan monoplane over the Atlantic Ocean alone. The fuselage of the aircraft is composed of all welded alloy steel pipe structure

1928: the first structural steel welding code, rules for fusion welding and gas cutting in building structures, was published by the American Welding Society. This code is the predecessor of today's D1.1 structural steel welding code

1930: the Georgia railway center adopted the method of continuous welding in order to lay the railway in two tunnels. The welded track will be put into use when the line is completed two years later

1930: robinov of the former Soviet Union invented submerged arc welding

1931: the Empire State building composed of all steel structures manufactured by welding process was completed

1933: the first joint welded by electric arc welding process was paved with long-distance transmission pipeline without liner structure

1933: the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the highest suspension bridge in the world at that time, was completed and opened to traffic. It was welded and assembled from 87750 tons of steel

1934: Barton Welding Institute was established

founder of Barton Institute yefkin oscarovich Barton

Barton bridge, the largest all welded iron bridge on the dnieb River in Europe

1934: the code for non heated pressure vessels was jointly published by API and ASME

1935: Linde air products of the United States perfected the submerged arc welding technology

application of submerged arc welding in shipbuilding

1936: Wasserman, Switzerland invented low temperature brazing

1939: American Reinecke invented plasma flow spray gun

1940: the first all welded ship, exchequer, was completed and launched at the Ingalls dock in the United States

1941: American Meredith invented tungsten inert gas arc welding (helium arc welding)

1941: during World War II, a large number of welding technologies were used in the manufacture of ships, aircraft, tanks and various heavy weapons

1943: American Behl invented ultrasonic welding

1943: the makers of aircraft first used atomic hydrogen welding, submerged arc welding and MIG welding to weld the hollow blades of Aircraft Steel propellers

1944: British Carl invented explosive welding

1947: bopo, former Soviet Union ш e вич (vorosevic) invented electroslag welding

1949: the first Ford brand automobile with full welding structure manufactured by arc welding and resistance welding process came off the production line

1950: Muller, Gibson and Anderson of the United States obtained the first patent for excessive spray in GMAW

1950: plasma arc was discovered in horn, Germany

About 1950: electroslag welding was first used for production in the former Soviet Union

1953: American hunt invented cold pressure welding

1953: the former Soviet Union lyubowski, Japan, and others invented CO2 gas shielded arc welding

1954: self shielded flux cored wire was put into production in Lincoln Electric Company

welding workers are using self shielded flux cored wire to weld high-rise buildings

1954: the Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine manufactured by welding process, began service for the U.S. Navy

In 1954, Bernard invented tubular electrode

1955: American Tom Kraft invented high frequency induction welding

In 1956, China established Harbin Welding Research Institute. In 1956, chudikov of the former Soviet Union invented friction welding technology

the earliest friction welding equipment in China

1957: electron beam welding was invented by schgill, France

1957: diffusion welding was invented by karzakov of the former Soviet Union

1957: welding was first published in China

about 1957: the United States, Britain and the former Soviet Union used CO2 as the shielding gas in the short-circuit transition process of MIG welding

1960: Maiman discovered laser in the United States. Now laser has been widely used in welding field

laser robot is used to cut car doors

1960: airco of the United States introduced the pulsed gas metal arc welding process

1962: the patent for gas electric vertical welding was granted to Belgian Arcos

In 1962, electron beam welding was first officially used in supersonic aircraft and B-70 bomber

1964: the patent right of hot wire welding method and coordinated control of GMAW method was granted to Manz, an American

1965: the welded APPLLO 10 spacecraft successfully landed on the moon

1967: continuous laser welding was invented by arada, Japan

1967: the world's first submarine pipeline was successfully laid in the Gulf of Mexico. It was manufactured by krank pilia company of the United States using hot threading process and welding process

1968: the world's highest acute angle steel structure was welded over 22 floors at the John Hancock center in Chicago, with a height of 1107 feet

1969: Linde company of the United States proposed the hot wire plasma arc spraying process

1970: thyristor inverter welding machine came out

1976: Japanese arada invented series electron beam welding

Around 1980: semiconductor circuits and computer circuits are widely used to control welding and cutting processes

1980: use steam brazing to weld printed circuit boards

1983: the circular top of the petal structure with a diameter of 160 feet on the space shuttle was welded by submerged arc welding and gas shielded welding, and inspected by a radiographic detector

1984: former Soviet women

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