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Historical development and current situation of nailing box process

nailing box process is the last process of the whole carton, which is called nailing box. Therefore, it is not valued by carton enterprises and machinery enterprises. For decades, with the development of the carton industry, the carton nailing process has not developed. With the development of cartons, the post process needs to be reformed. In the early 1990s, the Shanghai carton No. 1 Factory of Shanghai packaging company collected elite mechanical experts from the industry. After full investigation, the full-automatic carton nailing machine was trial produced. After several years of efforts, it ended in failure

in the mid-1990s, Shanghai carton factory and Sino foreign joint venture packaging decoration Co., Ltd. successively introduced full-automatic carton nailing machines from Germany. Due to the uneven material and thickness of flat filament in China, it failed to meet the standard after many tests. Then the semi-automatic box nailing machine was introduced from Taiwan, which was barely used, but the speed was not fast. At present, it still adopts the old Chinese tradition and uses manual box nailing. Greatly enhance the labor intensity of workers

since the 1990s, nailless bonded boxes have been widely used internationally to protect the environment and commodities from damage. In order to strengthen export commodities, some machinery factories in China are forced to develop automatic or semi-automatic nailless box gluing machines. The international oil collector and pump body shall be provided with a gasket, and the outlet must use a nailless adhesive box. After hard work, we finally achieved initial success

the semi-automatic nail less box gluing machine not only solves the export needs, but also solves the problem of box gluing in the domestic food industry. At present, non nail bonded boxes are widely used in export commodities and domestic food industry. Guangzhou Zhongbao and Shenzhen Huali, which produced export commodities during their investigation in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, generally adopted semi-automatic carton gluing machines to undertake export tasks. Speaking of design difficulties, the successful trial production of automatic carton gluing machines has made a great contribution to the development of China's carton industry. With the development of China's carton industry, full-automatic and semi-automatic carton gluing machines are bound to be further developed. The full-automatic box gluing machine has not passed the test, and the price is too expensive to meet the requirements of the enterprise, so that the material can be installed on the top of the piston under the impact, and the performance, mechanical strength and modulus can not effectively improve the demand; The price of semi-automatic box gluing machine is low and the demand is affordable, so many enterprises actively use semi-automatic box gluing machine. Shanghai carton industry also actively adopts semi-automatic carton gluing machines. Shanghai Fengxian TAIRI machinery factory has produced semi-automatic carton gluing machines for many years, and the product quality is good. As an association, TAIRI products are recommended to enterprises with low price, high quality and practical use

wangzhixing, Shanghai Packaging Association paper container packaging Committee

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