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The uniforms of the Japan Industry Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo selected Teijin chemical fiber

the fabric made of the chemical fiber raw materials of teiren fiber company, which has recently been designated as the special fabric for the uniforms of the staff in the Japan Industry Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo, which has several 10 patents every year in May this year. It is understood that this material will be used for all clothing, including the ceremonial staff uniforms and staff coats of the Japan Industrial Museum, as well as the staff suits of the internal office. The design of the uniform will be introduced by xiaojixiaozi, a famous designer who is good at stationery and packaging design. After the Shanghai Service Innovation Expo, these uniforms specially made for the Japan Pavilion will be transported back to Japan along with other facilities of the Japan Industry Pavilion and processed and reproduced through the eco cycle system

in October last year, teiren fiber cooperated with Li Ning, a large Chinese sportswear enterprise, to promote a series of environmental protection resource recycling projects in China. Through the company's new environmentally friendly fabrics appearing on the Expo day, but considering the opportunity to replenish the library and operate the industrial museum after the festival, Emperor fiber hopes to further deepen its penetration into the Chinese market

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