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Heze generator set equipment disassembly

with the improvement of the equipment processing industry and the equipment technology renewal speed of factories and mining enterprises, the replacement speed of old and new equipment is faster and faster, while the plant area of enterprises is limited, Heze generator set equipment disassembly_ Shandong zhongram crane installation and handling requires more and more frequent equipment handling; The equipment lifting tools required for equipment handling are the main links in the process of equipment handling. Choosing the right equipment lifting tools will bring great efficiency to the whole relocation project. Here is Shandong zhongram to introduce the selection of lifting tools for large gantry hoisting equipment:

large gantry crane equipment handling: gantry crane belongs to large hoisting equipment, and Heze generator unit equipment disassembly_ Shandong zhongram crane installation and handling is widely used in factories and mining enterprises, wharves, warehousing and logistics industries. Equipment lifting tools: chain block, plate line, iron stool, professional pneumatic wrench, etc. cooperate with large tonnage crane for equipment disassembly and handling

Shandong zhongram professional equipment handling, hoisting, lifting, installation, disassembly and other services

selection of lifting tools for equipment handling of air conditioning units

equipment handling of air conditioning units: air conditioning units in commercial buildings are essential. Air conditioning units are generally the basement of the overall building, and hoisting openings are reserved when building the main body of the building, and the equipment of Heze generator unit is disassembled_ Shandong zhongram crane installation and handling is convenient for equipment installation. The weight of the air conditioning unit varies according to the manufacturer of the air conditioning unit, so the weight also varies from tons, of course, the power is also different. When handling and installing the air conditioning unit, the equipment lifting tools should be selected according to the structure under the main body of the equipment; The structure below is roughly divided into two types; One is I-steel, that is, flat. The second is that the front and rear ends of the equipment are leg shaped, which is the industry term 'bench'. The tools to be used are considered due to the distance of equipment handling and transportation: roller bars, ground tanks, hoists, wire ropes, snap rings, I-steel self-made ground anchors are fixed on the wall for lifting construction, lifting belts, hydraulic satchel roofs, positioning roofs, sledgehammers, sleepers, iron wires, water drills and other commonly used equipment lifting tools

equipment hoisting medium and large equipment hoisting mast hoisting method

and to high-performance, multi hard to defend the left side

1 Improve the safety of large-scale hoisting in Jinan. All large-scale hoisting is carried out on the ground to avoid high-altitude operation. In addition, during the hoisting process, the gantry and equipment bear the maximum force when they are just off the ground, and then gradually reduce, so it is relatively safe

2. Reduce material consumption and auxiliary workload. This hoisting method does not need wind rope and anchor points, which gradually releases production capacity, and reduces the materials and workload of setting wind rope and anchor points in the hoisting of large equipment mast. Since there is no need to specially erect and disassemble the mast, the construction period is shortened

3. The construction land is reduced, and the impact on other auxiliary works is also much smaller

4. The stress condition is improved. Because the bottom of the equipment is always inseparable from the base hinge, the foundation can bear part of the weight and load in large-scale hoisting. Moreover, the front lifting point can be much higher than the center of gravity of the equipment, reducing the load of large lifting machines and tools, so smaller machines and tools can be used to lift heavier equipment. The gantry height is lower than that of other mast hoisting methods, and the hoisting capacity can be doubled compared with the mast with the same diameter section

5. It can realize the universal design of hoisting machines, riggings, lifting lugs, hinges, etc., and make the hoisting process achieve the goal of standardized construction

the running resistance of the dust collector at the end of the car kiln is 800pa~1000pa. The selection of handling tools for bed equipment is

lathe equipment handling: lathe equipment handling is mainly conventional lathe handling; Conventional lathe handling refers to 'turning, grinding, planing, milling'. The relocation of lathe equipment mainly refers to the selection of equipment weight and attributes, equipment lifting tools for equipment handling. When investigating the site, we must ask Party A about the use of the equipment, the fixing method of the x/y/z axis guide rail of the equipment, the depth of the equipment in the foundation pit, the fixing method of the equipment, the inclined iron used for leveling and the center of gravity of the equipment. For the accumulated experience in equipment handling for many years, we can see the specific weight of the equipment and the handling precautions at a glance. The manual lifting tools used for the handling of lathe equipment mainly include: lifting chain block, electric hoist, ground tank, roller bar crowbar, lifting belt, steel wire rope, ground anchor, snap ring, rope sleeve, sleeper and other common tools. The tools used by special-shaped lathe equipment are roughly the same as those used by conventional equipment to lead the continuous development of the industry; The model selection of tools should be based on the specific weight of the equipment and in strict accordance with the safety factor

structure and principle of hoisting without anchor points

1 Structure: it is composed of equipment, gantry, front hanging pulley group, rear hanging pulley group, pushing pulley group, equipment hinge, gantry hinge, raceway, etc

2. Hoisting principle: during hoisting, the head of the equipment is lifted by the front hanging pulley group, and then the gantry is pulled down by the rear pulley group, and then the gantry is pulled by the pushing pulley group to move to the foundation, so that the equipment can be pushed into place. Through the rotation and sliding movement generated by the gantry, the equipment can rotate to the vertical position with its bottom hinge as the center

3. Precautions for hoisting: the hoisting of large equipment without anchor points is carried out by means of the rotation of the equipment on the foundation. There are certain requirements for the foundation, and the equipment foundation should be appropriately treated. The setting and adjustment of machines and tools during hoisting are relatively strict in terms of geometric dimensions. Therefore, the operators should strictly follow the construction scheme of Jinan equipment hoisting, equipment handling, equipment hoisting, and Jinan equipment hoisting Handling procedures

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