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In recent years, China has paid more attention to the sustainable development and transformation of energy. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that we should "establish and improve the economic system of green and low-carbon circular development", "expand the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, cleaner production industry and clean energy industry, promote the revolution of energy production and consumption, and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system". Undoubtedly, multi energy complementation will be an important energy investment project to improve comprehensive energy efficiency and promote energy transformation

the implementation opinions on promoting the construction of multi energy complementary integration and optimization demonstration project (fgy [2016] No. 1430) points out the main forms of terminal multi energy complementary system: facing the end-users' various energy needs such as electricity, heat, cold, gas, etc., adjusting measures to local conditions, overall development, complementary utilization of traditional energy and new energy can provide plastic modification, mass production of functional materials and other technical support sources for plastic enterprises in Dongguan, Optimize the layout, build an integrated energy supply infrastructure, and realize multi energy collaborative supply and comprehensive cascade utilization of energy through natural gas combined heat, power and cooling, distributed renewable energy and energy smart micro

multi energy complementary system is not only the combination of various distributed power sources, but also the comprehensive energy service provider, through the analysis of users' energy demand, combined with the inherent production cost, conversion efficiency and external energy transaction price signal of each distributed energy supply system, selects the startup combination mode with the lowest energy production cost and user energy consumption cost of the whole system, so as to meet the various energy consumption needs of users. Therefore, it needs an integrated optimization mechanism to realize. It is difficult to realize the optimization of multi energy complementary system in the simple distributed generation mode. After the issuance of Zhongfa No. 9 document, China's power system reform has been steadily promoted, and the construction of market mechanism has been increasingly improved, which has also created favorable conditions for the integration and optimization of multi-energy complementary systems

1. Multi energy complementarity can choose other three types of pilot marriage

at present, the author believes that in order to play the role of multi energy complementarity optimization, from the analysis of the current policy documents, at least three modes can be selected

01. Combined with incremental distribution pilot projects

the first batch of incremental distribution pilot projects are in order, which is the promotion of new green building materials products that truly comply with the national environmental protection policy, and the list of the second batch of incremental distribution pilot projects is also imminent. As for the relationship between multi energy complementarity and incremental power distribution, the author has discussed in the article "incremental power distribution business will help the development of multi energy complementarity projects". Incremental power distribution business and power sales business can establish a relationship between the production, transmission and consumption of energy in multi energy complementarity systems, so as to realize the optimization of multi energy complementarity

multi energy complementarity is carried out in incremental allocation, which can realize the integration and optimization of multi energy complementarity system in a large range. It is a development mode that large-scale multi energy complementarity projects focus on

02. Combined with the pilot project of micro electricity, the Trial Measures for promoting the construction of parallel micro electricity (fgy [2017] No. 1339) defines the basic principles and trading methods of the construction of parallel micro electricity. There is no doubt that micro electricity is one of the important means of multi energy complementary integration and optimization, and the "Trial Measures for promoting the construction of parallel micro electricity" really provides an operation method for the operation of multi energy complementary + micro electricity

the development idea of micro electricity is the coordinated development and management of "source charge", which is consistent with the optimization idea of "source charge" coupling of multi-energy complementarity. However, the current document has little requirements on the load capacity of micro electricity (20MW), which is suitable for small-scale multi-energy complementary systems

03. Combined with the pilot of distributed generation transaction, the notice on carrying out the pilot of market-oriented transaction of distributed generation (fgny [2017] No. 1901) was recently released, and the issue of distributed generation participating in market-oriented transaction is also settled. The document highlights that distributed power generation projects can be built in a multi energy complementary manner. This mode is actually consistent with the principle of the combination mode of incremental distribution, which is to establish the coupling relationship between the multi energy complementary system and users through market transactions within the distribution range, so as to realize the optimization of the multi energy complementary system

adopting distributed generation market-oriented trading party "the biggest advantage of realizing multi energy complementary optimization is that energy investors don't have to worry about the establishment of relevant distribution facilities. However, since the trading platform can only be an electricity trading platform or electricity dispatching agency independent of the multi energy complementary system for the time being, how to coordinate it with the multi energy complementary optimization platform is a key consideration

2. Choose the development mode according to local conditions

the different energy investment owners contacted by the author often ask a question, how to operate the multi energy complementary project, which can not only make it land smoothly, but also maximize the investment benefit. As the pilot work of the above three modes has just started, in fact, there is not much operational experience to refer to. However, from the current situation of relevant power reform work, when analyzing which mode to adopt, we should focus on the following factors: the construction scale and installation scheme of multi-functional complementary system

the "fee passing" standard of the region and the possible "fee passing" standard of the project in the future

the development prospect of power market and auxiliary service market in this region

cooperation intention of power enterprises in the region

3. We should look at the multi energy complementary system from the perspective of development

under the current policy documents, there are multiple development modes of multi energy complementary system that can be combined, and the business mode and economy of multi energy complementary system under each mode can be analyzed. However, a new round of power system reform in China has just started, and there are many problems that need to be further studied and improved. However, from the perspective of development trend, China's power market mechanism is bound to develop in a healthy and reasonable direction. According to the service life of power engineering, the multi energy complementary system will be a project that can operate continuously for 20-30 years. Therefore, when selecting the multi energy complementary development mode, in addition to combining the current policy, we should also combine the development trend to judge the development mode of the multi energy complementary system

4. Conclusion

multi energy complementary projects can improve the efficiency of comprehensive energy utilization, and have important strategic significance for China to fulfill the commitments of the Paris Agreement and realize energy transformation. At the same time, China's power system reform has created favorable conditions for the integration and optimization of multi-energy complementary systems. Different pilot types can be selected to combine with multi-energy complementary projects for optimization, but they should be selected according to local conditions. Only the appropriate development mode can reflect the maximum value of multi-energy complementary projects

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