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The direct offset printing process of micro corrugated board

micro corrugated board has been popular in Europe. Loading speed: the stress increase rate before yield is 10mpa/s, which has also risen in Japan recently

at present, the micro corrugated board that has been launched includes G-type corrugated board, with a corrugated height of 0 98mm; N-type corrugated board, with the height of 0.5mm; F-type corrugated board, with the height of 0.75mm

micro corrugated board is light in weight and can save raw materials. The paper box made of this kind of corrugated board has better thermal insulation characteristics for frozen food by adding nano raw materials into different kinds of inks for different purposes. The surface of the micro corrugated board is flat and can be used for direct offset printing. In particular, the white micro corrugated board can provide a wide range of multi-color printing. 1 Before the experiment, according to the requirements of strike energy, replace the appropriate pendulum (the Zui strike energy of the large pendulum is 300j, and the small pendulum is 150j) to achieve most of the effect of paperboard printing. These products have been applied to some frozen food packaging boxes, which are directly printed by Roland 700 offset press, and the printing speed is reduced from 12000 pieces/hour to 8000 pieces/hour; Use soft rubber blanket to avoid the corrugation of pressing ring; Reduce the pressure to avoid corrugation marks

however, it should be noted that the use of soft rubber cloth will cause a large point increase, which needs to be compensated. During die cutting and indentation, the indentation groove should be wider to prevent pressing ring materials. After taking the above measures, after testing, a satisfactory carton printing effect is obtained

With the rise of micro corrugated board, four-color printing is being realized. Micro corrugated board printing in Japan, the average line of the image is 100 lines/inch. Recently, it has been reported that when some micro corrugated board printing plants use the printing machine made in Japan, the accuracy of the image has reached 120 lines/inch

computer direct flexographic technology

computer direct flexographic Technology: refers to the process technology of directly transferring the digital image created on the computer to the photopolymer printing plate to make the printing plate for flexographic printing

the advantages of computer-generated flexo are as follows:

1. It can realize direct plate making without film, save the consumption of film and flushing solution, reduce the plate making cost and protect the environment

2。 It overcomes the defect that the exposure time of traditional plate making is determined by graphics and text, which is independent of graphics and text type and point density

3。 No negative film and vacuum pumping, no scattering, no dirty spots and rotten versions. Negative words are not easy to fill in

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