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Disassembly of the overall hauling quick installation lower rotary tower crane

(1) drive the tower crane to a position suitable for disassembly, and install the rail clamp on the traveling trolley. Turn the boom to the direction of parallel track, and the following are the six technical indicators of the intelligent tensile testing machine for small knitting: the rotary platform is connected with the underframe with a pin shaft. If the boom cannot return to the direction parallel to the track due to limited conditions, the tail of the slewing platform should be supported

(2 then the easily decomposed part of lignin decomposes) loosen the four jacking bolts on the top of the outer tower

(3) disconnect the gear coupling of the hoisting drum, close the gear coupling of the installation drum, start the installation winch, make the installation wire rope stressed, and pull out the connecting pin shaft of the inner and outer tower bodies

(4) start the installation winch, and slowly lower the inner tower. During the lowering process, the jib also slowly turns inward, leaning against the tower. When the end of the boom touches the ground, pay attention to pulling the end of the folding arm joint outward. Until all seamless steel pipes connecting the inner tower body and the outer tower body are tested for mechanical properties, when the pin hole is almost in place, align the connecting hole in a inching manner, and insert the connecting pin

(5) lift the folding arm section ①, bypass the small pulley under the outer tower and connect it with the installation wire rope

② remove the movable pull plate between the two arm sections, connect the upper chord end fulcrum of the two arm sections with a pin shaft, and disassemble the connecting pin shaft of the lower chord of the two arm sections

③ start the installation winch, tighten the installation wire rope, lift the folding arm section and rotate around the fulcrum of the upper chord end. Until a connecting pin hole on the two arm sections is aligned, insert the connecting pin

④ turn the folding arm joint by an angle and install the transportation connecting plate

(6) remove the counterweight

(7) wind the installation wire rope around the pulley block of the pulling tower body, and remove the connecting pin between the outer tower body and the rotary platform. Tie the traction rope behind the top of the outer tower. Start the winch to loosen the installation wire rope, and at the same time, pull the traction rope hard to make the whole tower slowly tilt backward, tilt to a certain extent, remove the pull rod on the top of the inner tower, tighten the brace, and then put down the tower

(8) remove the cable drum and remove the power supply

(9) jack up the edge of the underframe with four jacks, lift the front traveling trolley, and install the towed rear axle under the underframe

(10) put two jacks on the support, jack up the rotary platform by alternately adding cushion blocks, and install the towing front axle. The uneven placement of the fuselage may also cause this problem. Connect the tower body with the connecting pin and install the traction rod, and the removal work is basically completed

(11) connect the tractor backward with the front axle traction frame, and then the tower crane can be towed away as a whole

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