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Ding Yuhua, chairman of the board, personally led the appearance of triangle tires at the American SEMA exhibition

triangle tires appeared at the annual American SEMA exhibition, which attracted the high attention of many tire distributors and dealers. This time, led by Chairman Ding Yuhua, the company made a high-profile appearance in Las Vegas and held a series of related activities

and it changes in a large range with the change of hardness

many dealers show great interest in the American market development plan of this enterprise. During the exhibition for several days, an endless stream of professionals came to the booth to seek cooperation under the support of national policies. Its booth creatively uses triangular shapes, coupled with photographs of its main customer groups. These customers include ordinary consumers, truck fleet managers, and off-road tire users including professionals

triangle tire showed the latest developed series of passenger car and commercial vehicle tires at this year's SEMA exhibition

1. Warranty coverage

in addition, the company also held a meeting between tire professionals and dealers to answer on-site questions about the development strategy and product supply of triangle tire USA

Manny, CEO of tire USA Cicero introduced to the guests the development process of triangle into the 14th largest tire company and the fourth largest engineering tire company in the world

"triangle tire is a well-known enterprise in China, but it is relatively an emerging brand in the United States. Everyone wants to know its development history and business philosophy." Manny Cicero said

at the dinner in honor of major customers and potential customers, Ding Yuhua said that triangle tires were successfully launched in September this year. The raised funds will help enterprises improve their production and technical capabilities, especially the R & D capabilities of all steel tires and high-performance passenger car tires

he also revealed that triangle tires will become a "major player" in the U.S. market and is interested in forming alliances with major distributors and dealers

tire world understands that at present, the products promoted by the company in the U.S. market mainly include three categories:

first, medium-sized radial truck tires for truck transportation

second, engineering radial tires and bias tires, including giant radial tires used in construction, mining and quarrying

third, passenger car tyres and light truck tyres, including ultra-high performance tyres, winter tyres and professional Trailer tyres

in November 2015, triangle tire USA was established and set up an office in Franklin, Tennessee. Previously, triangle tire established a technology research and development center in Akron, Ohio in 2011, mainly developing passenger car and commercial vehicle tires for the U.S. market

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