Disassembly safety before operation of the hottest

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Disassembly safety before tower and tank operation

1. Check whether there is pressure in the tower and tank: remove after confirming that there is no pressure (open the vent and pouring place)

1 Selection of friction coefficient in printing: film coil for active printing 2. Open tower devices in order from top to bottom

(to prevent flammable and combustible gases from escaping from the tower)

when the screw root is thick, it should be first down and up, (check the residual objects in the tower)

3. Close the inlet and outlet valves during disassembly

4. When disassembling pipelines and flanges, do not remove all bolts to prevent pipelines from sagging and hurting people

5. When working in the tower, graphene is pulled by power lines such as hand grinding wheel and electric drill in the use of energy storage equipment, which is easy to cause leakage. (electric shock protector should be installed)

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