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Disassembly of fixed assembled lower rotary tower crane

the following rotary self-assembled tower crane is introduced as a representative. As for the disassembly assisted by truck crane, the steps are basically the same and easier

including Baoshan Iron and steel, Shanghai Jinhu Rili plastic, Bolu Trading (Shanghai), Bluestar silicone (Shanghai), BOLS glue (Shanghai), kostron polymer (China) (1) drive the boom trolley to the root, and carry people to the end to disassemble the lifting wire rope and hook. Note that when removing the rope head, the hook should be placed on the ground first to make the steel wire rope in a completely relaxed state

(2) wind the lifting wire rope around the lifting pulley block, start the lifting mechanism with a jog, tighten the wire rope, loosen the lower end of the balance rod, and remove the pin shaft of the lower section of the balance rod. Then start the lifting mechanism and slowly lower the boom. In the process of placing the boom, when the boom tie rod begins to relax, tie the upper section with a rope, and pull the boom tie rod towards the upper chord of the boom root while loosening, so that the tie rod can be tied to the upper chord of the boom

(3) untie the lifting rope from the lifting pulley block and install it on the derrick

(4) remove the balance weight piece by piece with a derrick. Pay attention to the new trends in the upper section of the derrick when removing the counterweight. If the black technology is too cool, tie the rope on the web of the tower to avoid excessive bending and deformation of the derrick when lifting the counterweight

(5) lift the derrick to the highest position and remove the tension limiter and guide pulley

(6) connect the horizontal web member of the vertical brace with the derrick body with a manual hoist to control its upturning angle; First remove the balance pull rod one by one with the derrick, then hook the upper part of the horizontal brace with the derrick hook, and remove the connecting pin connecting the pull rod

(7) hook the top cross beam of the horizontal brace with the derrick hook and remove the horizontal brace. Lower the vertical support with a manual hoist and remove the connecting pin of the boom tie rod

(8) pull up the vertical brace with a manual hoist, tilt it up and close to the derrick, support the forehead of the derrick, tie them with ropes to form a temporary tower cap, and then prepare to remove the jib. be careful! At this time, it is absolutely not allowed to use the derrick alone to lift the boom root! When removing the jib, first use a sling to cover the lower chord from under the beam of the boom root, hang it on the derrick hook, and jog the lifting mechanism to make the lifting sling stressed, but not too much. The purpose is only to reduce the load on the pin shaft of the hinge point of the boom root. Remove the pin shaft of the hinge point of the arm root. Start the lifting mechanism, lower the steel wire rope, and the boom root mainly falls with a few kinds of plastic resins. At the same time, pull the boom end outward with the help of the roller until the boom root is close to the ground, and use the bracket to frame the boom. This is the most critical step in the tower dismantling process, which must be carefully operated

(9) hook the middle and upper crossbeam of the vertical brace from the rear with the derrick hook, slowly push the vertical brace forward to tilt it forward, and loosen the lifting rope at the same time; Tilt it to a certain extent, remove the connecting pin at the root of the vertical brace, lift the vertical brace and put it on the ground

(10) remove the top frame and lift it to the ground with a derrick

(11) lower the derrick by a standard section distance, and then hook the lifting sling sleeved on the horizontal frame in the standard section with the derrick hook, remove the connecting bolts of the standard section, lift the newly removed standard section and put it on the ground. So repeatedly, lower the derrick step by step, and remove the above standard section step by step until only one standard section is left

(12) wind the lifting rope into 5 times to lift the tail of the balance arm. The method is the same as that during installation. Slowly put down the tail of the balance arm, then lift the beam at the root of the balance arm, remove the root pin shaft, and put down the balance arm

(13) remove the slewing mechanism

(14) remove the derrick sleeve and put down the derrick

(15) remove the bottom section of the standard section of the tower body

(16) erect the derrick with climbing frame on the rear side of the underframe, bind it to the main chord of the underframe, and use the derrick to lift to remove the upper slewing support

(17) remove the slewing bearing and the lower slewing bearing in turn

(18) remove the underframe and sill. The disassembly of the fixed lower slewing tower crane is completed

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