Disassembly and assembly regulations of the hottes

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Regulations on the disassembly and assembly of mechanical equipment

in order to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel when large equipment enters and leaves the site and ensure the smooth progress of the work, the following regulations are specially made:

1. When the sample is broken, close the oil valve in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the engineering professional subcontracting management system, evaluate the disassembly and assembly team, and select a qualified disassembly and assembly team (engineering professional subcontractor evaluation form)

2. Before disassembly and assembly, The disassembly and assembly unit must report the construction plan, qualification certificate, safety agreement, personnel list, etc. to the equipment department of the company, and the project department must do a good job in the acceptance of foundation concealed works and file them for future reference

3. Go through the procedures of disassembly and assembly plan (approval form of construction organization design)

4. The disassembly and assembly plan can be disassembled only after it is jointly reviewed and signed by the equipment department, the technology department, the safety department and the chief engineer's office.

5. After all preparations for installation are completed and the upstream and downstream parties of the industrial chain are organized to carry out systematic key problems, and the normal operation work has received the strong support and cooperation of the park, It can be put into use only after being inspected by the equipment department of the equipment department and the municipal testing center of the company, which is used to test the fatigue performance of metals and alloy materials under specific environments, such as tension compression, tension compression alternating load, zigzag change and so on

6. The upgrading of tower cranes, people and goods, and the installation and disassembly of supporting walls must be carried out by qualified teams, and corresponding records must be made

7. The project department shall not organize its own team or disassemble without the approval of the company

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