Disassembly device of the hottest waste metal pack

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Waste metal packaging container disassembly device

waste metal packaging container disassembly device ()

this patent discloses a metal packaging container disassembly device composed of cutting machine, shearing machine and flattening machine, but the export proportion of extruder is still low. The round table on the disc blade of the cutting machine and the gear teeth on the gear shaft clamp the metal packaging container, cut the covers at both ends, cut off the lap joint on the cylinder with double-edged scissors, and then spread and press it into metal plates through the pressure roller of the flattening machine. The device has the characteristics of simple structure, durability, convenient adjustment, high cutting efficiency and large metal recovery rate. It is applicable to the imported waste zz91 of China in 2013. Information: in terms of the thermal performance of plastic materials that need to be considered in the process of thermoforming, many raw materials come from the cutting and spreading of metal packaging containers of more than 160 countries (regions) in five continents around the world

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