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Just now! 800 unmanned aerial vehicles shook the night sky in Nanchang

"it's so beautiful"

"how can this be done"

"it's too handsome!"

at 8 o'clock tonight

in the beautiful Aixi Lake Wetland Park,

everyone raised their cameras

sent out bursts of exclamation

right here

800 unmanned aerial vehicles with variable shapes,

static load test machines with the charm of science and technology and light and shadow also include: Universal Experimental machines,

through different light aircraft shapes,

show the theme of 2019 Nanchang flight conference

"Jiangxi aircraft flying up",

light up the night sky of Aixi Lake

with the order of the formation engineer,

unmanned aerial vehicles soared into the air,

with the night sky as the curtain

Bei Lianzhu, formed a dotted formation,

training orderly changed the formation,

words and patterns unfolded in turn,

gradually formed the slogan of the Nanchang flight conference, "I ride the wind thousands of miles, just to see your broader land"


"I love you, China"

"I love Jiangxi"

and other elements gradually appear in the continuous transformation of UAVs

lighting up the sky,

also dressing up the night sky of hero city

when the UAV formation formed the slogan of "Jiangxi planes fly", several planes appeared around the area, adding a bright night view to the city

it's so beautiful

yes or no

it is reported that in order to further enrich the content of the 2019 Nanchang flight conference, render the aviation atmosphere of the high-tech zone, and preheat the flight conference in advance, the high-tech zone held a UAV lighting show in Aixi Lake Wetland Park, presenting a visual feast for Nanchang citizens, adding cool scientific and technological elements to the 2019 Nanchang flight conference, and fully demonstrating the style of Nanchang aviation

tomorrow is the flight conference

it's a little exciting to think about it

Washington State University (WSU) announced a new research achievement developed by its researchers. Recently, many people came to ask Nan Waner about the flight conference

don't worry

Nan Waner came to answer one by one where the flight conference is held

the flight conference was held at Yaohu airport. For Nanchang aviation industry city, located in the eastern suburbs of Nanchang and on the Bank of Yaohu lake, Yaohu airport is not only a test flight place for Hongdu company's scientific research and production, but also the core fulcrum for the development of aviation industry in Jiangxi Province

how can I get to Yaohu airport

2019 Nanchang flight conference is not only a visual feast of "speed and passion" in the sky, but also an immersive experience feast of aviation culture, with an estimated number of visitors of more than 100000. How do I get there? Then look down

1. Take subway route:

line 1:

- take Line 1 to exit 1 and exit 2 of Yaohu West subway station, and then get off. There are two ways to get to the airport city

- the first way: take a free bus shuttle at the southwest corner of the intersection to the airport city directly; (morning: 7: the Royal DSM group of the Netherlands is based on science and technology: 00, 12:30 p.m.)

- the second way: you can take bus No. 838 (Chucha direction) by yourself and get off at the airport city station

line 2:

- take line 2 (xinjia'an direction) to Bayi Square Station, transfer to line 1 (Yaohu west direction), get off at Yaohu West subway station, exit from exits 1 and 2, and arrive at the airport city in the same way as above

take regular bus lines 178, 208, 220, 226 to the "Olympic Sports Center" bus station, and then transfer to bus No. 838 to the "Houhu village" bus station

2. Social vehicle self driving route:

- the first route: urban area - Beijing East Road - aixihu bridge - Ziyang Avenue - Yaohu bridge - Ziyang East Avenue - Hangkong City Avenue - COMAC Avenue - Hangkong city

- the second route: urban area - Yanjiang North Expressway - Yaohu West Fifth road - Tianxiang North Avenue - Hangkong City Avenue - commercial aviation Avenue - Hangkong city

how does the vehicle stop

it is specially reminded that after arriving at the airport city, citizens need to park their vehicles in areas C, D, e and F of the parking lot of COMAC Avenue, which can accommodate about 5000 vehicles. This morning, the traffic police went to the scene to carry out field investigation and deployment. From November 2 to 3, the traffic management department will also carry out real-time traffic control according to the traffic flow

what are the delicacies at the event site

how can we live without delicious food? If you want to indulge in the activity site all day, you can rest assured that there are two dining areas at the Nanchang flight conference, with a total area of 1108 square meters. KFC and pizza hut are the two leading food producers. At the event site, the retail outlets of eight mobile stores provided more than 150 kinds of goods, including beverages and dairy products, processed hot food, boxed lunch, bread, candy, fried goods, etc

it is reported that the event site also has souvenir sales (including local specialties), a total of 16 booths, selling conference souvenirs and more than 40 kinds of Jiangxi local specialties; Will be on standby at the event site. Let us not only enjoy a beautiful visual feast on the scene, but also enjoy the beauty of Jiangxi on the tip of our tongue

how to watch the performance best

this grand event is divided into two days, a total of four performances, all-weather cycle performance. (the content of the performance is the same in the morning and afternoon every day. You only need to choose half a day to watch it. It is recommended that you visit at different peak.)

line up for security check at 7:00 every day. Friends who want to catch the morning can wait on the scene in advance ~

remind special attention

1. Spectators can enter with tickets, which are valid for one day and only for one time

2. Please do not bring all kinds of prohibited and restricted articles, pets, drones and other dangerous substances that may affect the safety of the flight conference into the venue

children under 3.1.2 meters can enter for free and need to be accompanied by adults throughout the journey

4. Visitors are required to follow the designated route and watch the flight show in the permitted area

5. Smoking is prohibited throughout the conference

6. In order to ensure the personal safety of all personnel on the site of the flight conference, the organizer may take temporary on-site flow restriction measures during the peak flow of people. If it affects your normal viewing of the exhibition, please understand

what are the highlights

13 aerobatics planes and 4 world-class top aerobatics flight performance teams will be specially invited to participate. At that time, there will be amazing aerobatics flight performances such as multi aircraft formation, synchronous rolling, upward flowering, single machine hovering, stall circulation, one arrow through the heart, etc. In addition, the conference also invited the domestic excellent aviation sports performance team to perform the dynamic display of dynamic parachute formation flying and hot air balloon for the on-site audience

warm tips: the flight performance needs to be enjoyed outdoors. Everyone should watch it in order. Please don't crowd. You can prepare sunshades and sunglasses and take sunscreen measures. Is the wire anti swing lever


tomorrow day

Nanchang flight Conference


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