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Juxian "real gold and silver" support the transformation and upgrading of the plastic industry

first, highlight financial support. Support the application of new equipment and research and development of new technologies, encourage enterprises to increase investment in environmental protection, and give support such as maximum force, tensile strength, yield strength, non proportional extension strength, etc. to enterprises that purchase and use industrial robots and intelligent digital equipment (production lines) in the same year at the proportion of 10% of the price of industrial robots and equipment; For enterprises that have established new technology R & D reserves and sustained growth in R & D investment in 2017, and whose R & D investment accounted for more than 5% of the sales revenue of the year, financial support will be given at the proportion of 10% of their R & D investment; For new environmental protection facilities and equipment such as sewage treatment and waste gas collection and treatment, and enterprises whose pollutant emission indicators meet the national environmental protection requirements after being put into use as required, financial support will be given at the proportion of 20% of the purchase price of corresponding facilities and equipment

second, increase financial support. Formulate the implementation plan for Juxian County Finance to support the green development of enterprises in the transformation and upgrading of the plastic industry, give full play to the financial guidance function and the leverage of financial funds, and realize various experimental types such as stretching, tightening, twists and turns, shearing, stripping, tearing, loading, bursting, loosening, recycling and creep through financing, credit enhancement, loan discount and insurance subsidy, so as to guide financial institutions to expand credit extension to plastic processing and manufacturing enterprises. We will improve the information sharing and collaboration mechanism of the Juxian sub branch of the people's Bank of China, the economic and Information Bureau, the financial office and other departments, strengthen the coordination and connection between credit policies and industrial policies, regularly study and solve the outstanding problems existing in the development of financial support for the plastic industry, and realize the exchange and sharing of information

third, optimize the park environment. Support the construction of industrial agglomeration incubation platforms, and encourage enterprises to gather in incubation parks. Support the construction of Liuguanzhuang plastic industry incubation park according to the principles of high starting point planning, high standard requirements and high specification supporting. For new projects in the plastic industry with complete procedures, environmental protection facilities in place as required and in line with the requirements of higher-level policies, it is encouraged to settle in the incubator. If the project settled in the Incubation Park rents workshops, the rent will be charged at a standard of no more than 50 yuan/m2, and the finance of some counties will give support to the industries that are infiltrating for 3 consecutive years. Further expand the scale effect of the park and realize the centralized development of enterprises

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