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The above are the factory price including tax. Jushi Group actively faces the "international lawsuit"

recently, the European Union held a hearing on the industry non injury defense against the glass fiber anti-dumping case in Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union. European Composite Materials Association (EuCIA), China Light Industry Chamber of Commerce and Tongxiang Jushi group, the main enterprise involved, participated in the hearing

at the hearing, EuCIA, on behalf of the downstream enterprises of glass fiber, expressed strong opposition to the EU's imposition of glass fiber anti-dumping duties on Chinese enterprises. They believed that compared with the glass fiber industry, the downstream industry of glass fiber was plagued by factors such as slow production speed and high price, which hindered the development and utilization of thermoplastic composites. The industry had more employees, and the interests of a smaller industry should not harm larger interests, Levying anti-dumping duties on Chinese fiberglass will increase the production costs of EU users and cause damage to EU fiberglass users

it is understood that Jushi group has applied for a separate hearing in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise. The group made a defense from many aspects, such as giving the enterprise market economic treatment, no damage to the industry and the complainant's non cooperation

after carefully listening to the views of all parties, EU officials said that they would make a fair ruling after considering the comprehensive interests of all parties. A relevant person from Tongxiang foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau said that "the newly launched funds and department strategies will pay close attention to the progress of the incident, actively support and guide enterprises to do a good job in anti-dumping litigation. The consumption of Chinese plastics is 100 million tons, and help enterprises fight this" international lawsuit "

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