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Cabbage maintenance process, maintenance of portable electric packer

brand: Fromm, orgpack, zapak

Name: maintenance of portable electric packer

model: p320-p325, ort-200, stb-63, ort83, Or Dang instigated karau to say, "as the polymer is gradually crushed, the enabler must be replaced immediately after the alarm; T-85, stb-70, ort-250, zp92, zp96 and other models

origin: Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan

warranty period: the maintenance machine is guaranteed for 15 days, and the same fault occurs within 15 days for free in the maintenance.

market price: detection fee 300

company unit price: detection fee 200{including the report}

ordering requirements: the machine will be reported within 4 hours after arriving at the company, and the maintenance can be completed within 72 hours

suitable for customer groups: our company's maintenance baling machine clamps the standard tensile sample of the corresponding force value on the experimental machine for all kinds of hands, and lifts the baling machine, regardless of electric/pneumatic/manual machine maintenance, low testing fees, fast maintenance process, perfect after-sales service, and tracking, handling and maintenance

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