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Juye green cycle to create low-carbon industry

it has been more than 20 years since the discovery of Juye coalfield. Longyu mine was put into operation last year after overcoming the worldwide problem of building wells in extremely thick topsoil. As the black gold flowed out of the ground, Juye industry extended downstream along the industrial chain of coal, coal chemical industry, building materials, etc., and the economy of the county embarked on the road of green cycle and low-carbon development of high-carbon industries

the leading process of coal on-site conversion is coking, which generates coal tar and by-product coke oven gas. There are more than 40 major derivatives of coal tar. Henan Baoshuo Tar Chemical Co., Ltd. has invested in the construction of two sets of 300000 ton coal tar deep processing devices, and the construction has started. Tie Xiong Xinsha investment industrial chain cooperation is not close 8. 600 million yuan new coke oven gas to 200000 tons of methanol project

in coal coking, the glass chain is performing an industrial extension drama. Tiexiong Xinsha adopts advanced technology to collect coke oven gas, but it cannot be digested by itself at the early stage of project construction. The county regards it as a highlight of investment attraction, and fuel accounts for about 2/3 of the glass manufacturing cost, attracting Jiangsu China Resources Company 27. With an investment of 600million yuan, eight new float glass production lines have been built, with an annual production capacity of 35.55 million weight boxes. At present, four production lines have been completed and put into operation

the products of upstream enterprises are the raw materials of downstream enterprises. Focusing on the deep processing of glass, Shandong jin'ao glass graphene material, which produces composite glass, may bring great changes to the design and manufacturing field. Dozens of enterprises, such as glass, Juye jinmeiyu glass, and Juye Baite glass, which produces automobile windshields, are surrounded by Jurun construction materials like stars and moons, forming a satellite enterprise group

in this month, 36 new projects worth more than 100 million yuan were launched in the county, with a total investment of 15.8 billion yuan. The industrial cycle of coal production - coal washing - coal combustion, coal coking - coal chemical industry, coal coking - coke oven gas - glass production - Photovoltaic optoelectronic industry was initially formed on the basis of industry. It is estimated that 75% of Juye's coal production capacity in the next few years can realize local transformation and value-added

green circulation makes the economy of the whole county develop rapidly. In the first half of this year, the GDP of the whole county reached 52. 7.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17. 8%; Local fiscal revenue 4. 2.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 51. 6%。 Juye is expected to become a medium-sized County in the province at the end of the 11th five year plan, and is expected to rank among the top 30 in the province in the next three years

Juye is determined to shut down high energy consuming enterprises and eliminate backward production capacity. Huaxing grease, Jianxin grease and other 20 enterprises have stopped production for maintenance, which can save 6799 standard coal in 2014 every year. 33 tons, reducing the energy consumption of 10000 yuan GDP by 0. 90%。 At the same time, the county will speed up the elimination of backward production capacity, eliminate 300 sets of backward motors and fans, 3 sets of 10 ton boilers, and 36 sets of S7 type transformers, which can save 10000 tons of standard coal and reduce the energy consumption of 10000 yuan GDP. 32%。

although all the advanced processes were used in the project at the beginning, and even now they are still leading the industry, with the new 2015 sales of $3.4 billion, the emergence of processes and new materials, some "old" enterprises that have not been put into operation for a long time have begun to end treatment. In Shandong Jurun building materials Co., Ltd., four glass furnace production lines that have just been put into operation are undergoing the transformation of waste gas and waste heat power generation

Shi Yunlong, deputy general manager of the company, told that the transformation has the effect of "killing two birds with one stone". The first power generated is equivalent to saving standard coal 2 per year. 90000 tons, and then high-temperature desulfurization of waste gas is a worldwide problem. Now, after the waste heat is utilized, the temperature of waste gas will be reduced, and sulfur dioxide can be recovered

relying too much on coal resources to develop economy will lead to problems such as single industrial structure and increased pressure on resources and environment. The development of Juye needs transformation, and the development mode needs to be changed, which has become a consensus. As a result, wind power, led and solar energy conversion industries are quietly emerging. The LED and solar energy industries in the county will form an industrial cluster with a sales revenue of 10 billion yuan within two years

Juye accelerates the construction of low-energy agricultural and sideline products processing and non coal industries, and vigorously develops modern service industries such as cultural tourism. Since last year, 109 non coal industrial projects have been completed, put into operation and under construction in the county, and 10 cultural tourism industrial projects with an investment of more than 50million yuan have been started. On the basis of last year, we will ensure that the energy consumption per 10000 yuan GDP of the county will be reduced by another 12% this year. 72%, which is expected to successfully complete the target task of energy conservation and consumption reduction in the eleventh five year plan

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