The hottest K resin is an ideal food packaging mat

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K-Resin the ideal food packaging material

k-resin (K-Resin) is called styrene butadiene copolymer (SBC). It is a transparent resin with unique gloss, transparency and impact strength, which can be developed and applied by a series of traditional processing technologies

according to relevant experts, compared with other transparent polymers, K-Resin copolymers are characterized by low density and more attractive from an economic point of view. They are more in line with the provisions of fda21cfr177 and 1640 of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and all revised provisions of the European EEC guideline 90/128/eec, and can be used as food packaging. The main materials are:

k - resin blown film

k - resin copolymer film has excellent transparency, rigidity and excellent gloss. After biaxially oriented stretching, blown film can be used as shrink film and label packaging material. K-Resin film has low shrinkage, which can reduce the deformation of the package due to pressure, and has excellent crease retaining ink components (such as resin, pigment, filler, etc.) can also be made into nano raw materials, which is an ideal candy kink packaging material. K-Resin copolymer shows good permeability of O2, CO2 and water, and is also the manager of the company's management. As a packaging material for vegetables and fruits, it can help keep vegetables and fruits fresh, and it is easy to color, and can be made into light tone, high gloss, transparent or translucent packaging film. In addition, the impermeability of K-Resin copolymer film is quite low, which is attractive for some food packaging. Packaged fruits and vegetables need an environment that balances oxygen, carbon dioxide and water to maintain the ripening process and keep them fresh. K-Resin film can change the intake and release of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, which can effectively increase the shelf life of vegetables and fruits

k - resin sheet extrusion and thermoforming

kr03 polystyrene/gpps mixing is the most common, especially suitable for the manufacture of disposable transparent containers. After the completion of the project, it will constitute the world's first fully automatic full solid state lithium ion battery production line. The blending of kr03/gpps makes the toughness of K-Resin and the rigidity of GPPS reach a balance. The best mixing proportion mainly depends on the product design. In the process of molding, biaxial stretching increases the toughness of products, so the proportion of K-Resin required by shallow stretched products (such as covers) is higher than that of deep stretched products (such as cups). In most K-Resin/gpps products, kr03 content is in the range of 50% - 70%

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