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"Rigid demand" has become the main force in the off-season of Wuhan summer home decoration

"rigid demand" has become the main force in the off-season of Wuhan summer home decoration

June 6, 2013

[China paint information] once decoration enters June, it enters the traditional off-season. The "summer file" with hot weather often lasts for three months, so decoration is caught in the embarrassing period of "green and yellow". "It's too hard to decorate in summer, running building materials and staring at the construction site. The humidity of the air makes carpenters and painters prone to problems."

should decoration become a "blank area" when it comes to the "summer vacation"? Insiders reported that during this period, the home decoration industry will deal with the problems that are prone to occur in summer decoration in terms of technology and materials, and hold various special activities to attract consumers, so it can change the situation that once summer was the off-season of home decoration

"rigid demand" has become the main force in the off-season

when visiting decoration companies such as Wuhan Jiahe and Meisong Yating, I learned that although orders have decreased in summer, there are still a lot of "rigid demand" consumption. "I'm going to get married in November, and I don't know if I can finish the decoration in September." Asked Mr. Zhang, an owner consulting in a decoration company. The relevant person in charge of the decoration company calculated for him that it usually takes 3 months to decorate. As a wedding room, it must have enough time to "dry" before it is safe. In this way, it will take at least 1-2 months, while carpenters and painters are more likely to volatilize harmful substances due to high temperature after finishing in summer

it is understood that for "wedding houses" eager to check in in the second half of the year and owners who are ready to check in before the Spring Festival, "summer archives" instead become "fragrant cakes to fix the tested object on the machine". Because during this period of time, the quantities of home decoration companies are not large, the construction personnel have a stronger ability to invest, and designers will also invest more energy to provide consumers with design and purchase materials. This is undoubtedly very attractive for "rigid demand" consumption

"experience decoration" is the most popular in summer

except for the Dragon Boat Festival, there are few nodes in "summer archives" that businesses can give full play to. In summer, the decoration of tension machine is too hot, which is always daunting. How to dispel the concerns of consumers? During this period of time, businesses have tried their best to do some special activities. In order to lock in customers, some decoration companies organize home decoration experience one-day tour activities for "summer archives", so that consumers can witness the quality of the project, and at the same time, offer higher discounts to attract consumers to place orders

the person in charge of a decoration company who has held many home decoration experiences and model house viewing activities revealed that many owners who are not familiar with decoration will bring their families to some construction sites under decoration and completed construction sites to experience during this period. Once the construction technology and quality of the construction site, such as VR jointly launched by Xiaomi and Facebook, are recognized, the success rate of signing is between 70% and 90%. Therefore, Decoration companies will take advantage of this traditional off-season of decoration to organize more similar activities to accumulate customers for business in summer or the second half of the year

centralized consumption at night is very awesome

in recent years, Jiangcheng home shopping mall has set off an upsurge of "night promotion", which focuses customers on one time period for promotion. Most or even all merchants participate in the event and uniformly give the lowest price. A "night banquet" held by a shopping mall has a turnover of up to ten million yuan, which undoubtedly gives businesses and consumers a dose of "stimulant"

"it's too hot during the day, and there's time after work at night. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to find some satisfactory building materials and furniture for decoration. You don't have to run around, and it's done at one time. It's really very motivating." Consumer Ms. Cao laughed. Recently, the southern people's clothing and incredibly home have held "Banquet" activities, which not only offer substantial discounts on the price of goods, but also many gifts such as cash returns and cash vouchers. Ms. Cao's family aims at the opportunity and plans to make all preparations for home decoration in the shortest time

summer home decoration exhibition is the hottest

no one is willing to run around the whole Wuhan under the scorching sun in summer decoration. Traditional decoration off-season also requires businesses to focus on "firepower" to fight a "blood road" for themselves. Therefore, the "home decoration building materials exhibition" has also become a hot thing this summer. According to Wang Xuan, the marketing manager of the exhibition, the turnover of home decoration companies and building materials merchants in the "summer" is usually very low, but if a home decoration building materials exhibition is held at this time, the sales volume of exhibitors can be increased by 30% or even more

at the end of this month, Shangge exhibition will focus on the above situation and think that the following adjustments should be made: the 44th Wuhan home decoration building materials exhibition will be held, with nearly 2000 booths for consumers to choose from. It is reported that more than 2000 consumers have actively signed up to participate in the relevant activities of the home decoration exhibition. "Home decoration exhibition has therefore become a 'fire' in the off-season of decoration." Insiders said

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