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Jushi group "troops" Egypt to avoid anti-dumping

the uncertainty caused by the debt crisis in Europe and the United States to the global economy is increasing, which has the most direct impact on enterprises is that the export market is facing increasing challenges. For this reason, many Jiaxing enterprises choose to expand channels overseas and establish marketing points and production bases

it was learned from the 17th China Fiberglass annual conference held in Tongxiang Jushi group that the company has officially launched its 80000 ton/year fiberglass tank furnace wire drawing production line in the Suez Canal Economic Cooperation Zone in Egypt. This is also the first time that Jushi group has moved its production line abroad after implementing the global marketing strategy. It is reported that the Jushi Egypt project is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2013, mainly producing direct twistless roving and chopped strand. "This is Jushi group's real sense of going abroad. The construction of Jushi Egypt company will improve Jushi's global production and marketing network layout." The relevant person in charge of Jushi group said

since the beginning of this year, the internationalization process of Jushi group has been accelerating. It has successively completed the establishment of Jushi international, Jushi Brazil, and the acquisition of Gibson from the United States, which was renamed Jushi America, and the global marketing network has been further improved. But at the same time of overseas expansion, the group and the recent "action plan for water pollution prevention and control" issued by the Chinese government also just confirmed this point. Facing the impact of foreign anti-dumping investigations on the company's exports. At the beginning of this year, the European Union, Turkey and India made a final determination on the anti-dumping investigation of China's glass fiber products. The development of new material industry has also become a major way to implement the supply side structural reform. The European Union announced that it would impose an anti-dumping duty of 13.8% on some products related to China's glass fiber export enterprises, and Turkey would impose an anti-dumping duty of 23.75% on products related to China's glass fiber export

Zhang Yuqiang, chairman of Jushi group, said that setting up a factory in Egypt can not only effectively avoid the adverse effects of anti-dumping and trade protectionism, but also make Egypt's low energy prices and labor costs enable Jushi to become an important starting point for our city to build a high-end aluminum based new material industrial base after its completion. Jushi's products will continue to consolidate and expand global market share in the competitive transit advantage

after sh/t0189 ⑼ 2 experienced the trough in 2009, the wandering in 2010 and the ups and downs in 2011, what opportunities and challenges will the development of the global glass fiber industry face in 2012? According to the prediction of relevant institutions, the global glass fiber will develop at a compound annual growth rate of 6.3% in the next five years, reaching a scale of $8.4 billion by 2015. Even under the influence of the European debt crisis, it is expected that the global and Chinese glass fiber and composite market will continue to develop steadily in 2012, and the growth in the second half of next year will be better than that in the first half

at present, Jushi group's glass fiber production capacity accounts for 18% of the world. This year's output and sales are expected to increase by 9.5% and 10% over the same period last year, of which the export growth rate is 16.5%, better than domestic sales. At this annual meeting, Jushi group also released three high-tech high-end products, which will become three sharp swords for Jushi to compete globally

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