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Jushi group: from ceramic crucible wire drawing to pure oxygen combustion tank furnace wire drawing

glass fiber waste treatment is a world-class problem, and it is also a technology that restricts the upgrading of enterprises, that is, the bottleneck under the action of 1 constant stress. Jushi group, the global leader in glass fiber, dares to climb the world's peak, independently develops and uses environmental protection tank kiln projects, and completely breaks the bottleneck: the glass fiber waste that used to be nowhere to stack has now become the company's production raw material, the waste heat of the kiln that was originally discarded has now been effectively recycled, self-made steam, sludge after sewage treatment and lime after waste gas treatment are sold to other enterprises as raw materials, and steam condensate is recycled, Reclaimed water reuse realizes zero sewage discharge... Energy conservation and emission reduction have been industrialized in scientific and technological innovation

what is traditional industry? The clamping force of fixture will produce error of test data with wear. What is modern economy? Tongxiang enterprises do not value these paper classifications. What type of glass fiber do you say is megalith? From the original backward ceramic crucible wire drawing process at the beginning to the world's leading pure oxygen combustion tank furnace wire drawing process; From the original bandaging cloth to today's electronic cloth, from the beginning of ordinary building materials to today's wind power facilities... "Mountain, or mountain, but it is no longer the original mountain."

Jushi's boss Zhang Yuqiang said clearly: "there is no limit to scientific and technological progress, innovation ability, and the pursuit of excellence. Therefore, there is no limit to industrial upgrading."

Jushi group followed the development direction of clean, efficient and low-carbon energy, took the lead in applying pure oxygen combustion technology, and then developed the channel pure oxygen combustion technology, which was applied in the self-designed and the world's largest tank kiln production line, filling the international gap, reducing the comprehensive energy consumption of the kiln by more than 60%, and reducing the exhaust gas emission by more than 80%, setting a benchmark for the entire glass fiber industry. It should be noted that behind this benchmark stands an air chemical enterprise targeted by the government to attract investment and introduce supporting facilities, which is located next to Solvay of Jushi group, which provides peek grade products with higher overall toughness than competitive products, and specially manufactures pure oxygen for it

the international fiberglass annual meeting of Jushi group is a beautiful scenery of Tongxiang headquarters economy. The first session was held in 1995 to sell goods and get close to customers. Now it is the information exchange of glass fiber technology and market, the centralized display of boulder image and culture, and the comprehensive construction of global marketing network. Last year, at the 15th Annual Conference, which was only mass production, more than 1000 businessmen from more than 70 countries and regions gathered in Tongxiang to discuss the global development plan of glass fiber. Jushi's employees said that they often heard from some major foreign customers that why they bought your fiberglass? Now customers are saying to each other, why don't we buy Jushi's fiberglass

Jushi group also pays special attention to the innovation of all employees. Although many employees work in grass-roots workshops, they can get the same salary and benefits as the middle-level cadres of the group. Every two years, according to different innovation performance, the company evaluates and hires excellent front-line employees as senior chief engineer, deputy senior chief engineer, chief engineer and other seven ranks, corresponding to the executive levels of assistant president, minister (factory director), deputy minister (deputy factory director) and so on, and enjoys corresponding treatment. The company also rewarded the employees with reasonable suggestions. Wang Huogen, a 57 year old mechanic, has only a junior high school education, but he loves to study. Every year, there are threeorfour small technological transformation and innovation projects, which can save more than 100000 yuan for the company. Lao Wang was hired as the deputy director technician and enjoyed the treatment of the deputy factory director. More than 20 young people in the factory have competed to learn from him. Lao Wang was excited when he talked, "I can't think of an old man who can make a scene."

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