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In the concept of traditional pressure roller acting on the test piece, plastic bag is the most widely used packaging form of snack food. At present, with the increasingly fierce market competition, this traditional packaging has also been challenged by various forms. Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge comes from cartons, especially the recently popular micro watt cartons. The corrugated carton packaging of cablaia cookies produced by Shanghai mabao Food Co., Ltd. illustrates this trend

the packaging uses corrugated board as raw material and adopts multi-color printing. The color is very bright and eye-catching. The top of the box is equipped with rope for easy carrying. When the relevant personnel of the marketing department were interviewed, they said that the cost of using corrugated cardboard as packaging was slightly higher than that of plastic bag packaging. However, the market competition makes people's packaging of snack food higher and higher. It is not only necessary to better protect products, but also need to have good promotional functions, but also pay attention to the environmental protection function of products. Obviously, the traditional plastic bag packaging can no longer meet the many requirements of today's consumers for packaging, and the printing effect of carton is obviously better than that of plastic bag, and the compressive strength is relatively high, which can minimize the production of steel plate spring caused by mutual extrusion during the transportation of products. Steel plate spring is a frequently used elastic element. At present, the research on steel plate spring at home and abroad emphasizes considering the large deformation of structure, Accurately simulate the contact state between the sheets, and accurately calculate the damage of the stress dispersion of each spring including the prestress during assembly. At the same time, although the price of corrugated box packaging is slightly higher than that of plastic bags, it has improved the grade of products, created a good brand image of products, and promoted sales performance, so the company is very satisfied with this form of packaging

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