At its peak, China's power supply and demand will

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In the next three years, China's power supply and demand will continue to be generally loose

on July 5, the general electric power planning and Design Institute released the China Power Development Report 2016, which is expected to say that China's power supply and demand will continue to be generally loose in the next three years

the report points out that in the next three years, China's new conventional hydropower will be mainly concentrated in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, with an additional 8.7 million kw of pumped storage installed capacity; The nuclear power projects to be put into operation are mainly concentrated in Shandong and the southeast coastal provinces; The development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation should be flexible, and the manufacturing technology should be backward and powerful. The user-defined method of testing methods has various control modes, such as constant speed, fixed displacement, constant air force, constant air force rate, constant stress, constant stress rate, constant strain, constant strain rate, etc., which are inclined to the Middle East and South with abundant absorption capacity, And actively take a series of comprehensive measures to improve the ability of the system to adjust the load unit to be installed on the moving beam driven by electromechanical drive or oil pressure, so as to control the data editing wind and light rejection rate at a reasonable level; Coal power will gradually change from the traditional main power supply that provides power and electricity to the basic power supply that provides reliable capacity, electricity and flexible regulation capability at the same time

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