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Jieguangxi drug abuse Village: at first, the villagers thought that white powder was used to make atomic bombs

the border police carried out legal publicity to ethnic minorities in Licha village. Like many villages located on the border between China and Vietnam, Licha village, Youyi Town, Pingxiang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region lives in Zhuang, Miao, Yao and other ethnic minorities

Licha village is connected to Vietnam by mountains and rivers, without physical isolation facilities, and a large number of border roads and trails are unblocked. In the words of Ling zhensen, Secretary of the village Party branch, "there are three sides around here, and all roads lead to Vietnam. It is against international law to urinate carelessly."

the special geographical location not only opened up the "well-off road" for villagers' border trade exchanges, but also opened the door to the "poison of family ruin" a short time ago. Many young people in the village are addicted to drugs. Many families have been separated from their families and their families have been destroyed by drugs. Four villagers were executed for drug trafficking

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originally a simple border ethnic village, it was called" drug village "by the outside world This once made Ling zhensen feel helpless and disgraced

in recent years, the Pingxiang City pass border police station of Guangxi Border Defense Corps has been stationed in the garrison, strongly fighting drugs, and helping villagers start businesses and become rich, away from drugs. After several years of efforts, this border village in southern Xinjiang began to show a different picture: under the background of the increasingly severe drug situation in the country, the number of drug-related personnel in Licha village did not increase, and many young people took the initiative to quit drugs, and the drug-related phenomenon gradually improved

from the "drug village" to the model village, Licha village has experienced the process from redemption to rebirth. The change of Licha village is the epitome of the deepening of drug control at the grass-roots level in Guangxi border


in the early 1990s, a young man surnamed Lu was doing motorcycle solicitation business at the border, often soliciting Vietnamese. Once he went to Vietnam, he became addicted to drugs. In the impression of the villagers, he was the first drug addict in Licha village

after a person is infected with drugs, it grows to fiveorsix people, and then there are dozens of people

like most drug addicts, when they first came into contact with drugs, they did not realize that this was a terrible beginning. "Some teenagers drop out of junior high school and stay at home. Their hearts are very empty. They catch it when they get together with other 'fans'. Basically, these people get together to smoke powder."

gradually, for some boring young people, "powder smoking" has become a "fashion", "like smoking, everyone wants to touch a little"

"but in those days, when talking about white powder, few people knew that white powder was a drug. Everyone thought it was used to make an atomic bomb." Ling zhensen said that this is a real joke in Licha village

from 2003 to 2005, drug-related villagers in Licha village reached a peak. According to incomplete statistics, four people in the village were sentenced to death for participating in drug trafficking. At the peak, there were more than 90 drug addicts. On average, one in six or seven villagers took drugs

Licha village used to be a typical poor village. Villagers recalled that at the beginning of the 20th century, the per capita arable land in the village was only 0.53 mu, so it was difficult to solve the problem of food and clothing, and the income basically depended on migrant workers. Poverty also provides "soil" for the breeding of drugs

"the main reason is that in those years, the border trade ushered in a peak period. Not only the Licha village, the whole Pingxiang City is located in the border area. Foreigners come here through the port, and the drugs are more ferocious than the mainland." Ling zhensen said

under the ferocious drug attack, the relatives of Nong Guidong, the chief of Kunlong village, Licha village, were unfortunately involved

at first, when the villagers heard that his nephew was mixed with "fan Zai", Nong Guidong asked him if he had taken drugs? Nephew denied, "who said that?"

until one night, nongguidong caught a current in a small house next to a fish pond in Kunlong tun

"he danced excitedly like doing exercises, and then lay down on the ground after a while." The scene of his nephew taking drugs has been unforgettable to Nong Guidong

in the face of the facts, my nephew had to admit that "just started smoking, can quit". Nong Guidong said, "it's good to quit. Now that you're married, you have to take care of your family!"

however, it was not long before nongguidong found his nephew smoking in the village opposite. When his family's savings were spent, he held his child and asked his wife who worked in other places for money. His family had to send him to a drug rehabilitation center for compulsory treatment

Ling zhensen saw that many villagers were devastated by drugs. There was a family in which two sons took drugs and sold all the valuable things in the family. The father was forced to hang. The eldest son divorced his wife, and the mother ran away, leaving a child unattended. "This is a real broken family, separated wife and children!" Ling zhensen said

when there is nothing to sell at home, "Fanzai" will steal and rob, and social security in the village has also become a problem

"now, as long as there are strangers in the village, the villagers will report to us when they see them." Han zhongkuan, the chief of the ritual tea police room of the Aikou border police station, told me

"drugs are on the rise, and drugs are on the rise." In Han zhongkuan's view, the police and the people are united and the whole people fight against drugs. Through the "standardized" management of public security, the police and the people are not only more united, but also completed a redemption of the former "drug village"

although it has been a long time, Han zhongkuan can judge whether someone is taking drugs according to his words and deeds. "As soon as the people in the police station arrive in the village, the people who smoke run, and the people who don't smoke don't run. I can recognize 80% of them." But he also admitted that it was not easy for the police to inquire about the drug situation in the underground village

"most villagers are surnamed Ling and belong to their own family. Many people are silent because of their friendship. Coupled with the fear of retaliation, many people dare not even talk to the police." Du Wanbian, the instructor of the pass border police station, said

in order to facilitate the masses, the police office of Licha village specially set up a reception day for the sheriff. Villagers can directly report to the police when they find clues about drugs

after the establishment of the "ten household joint defense" mechanism, the whole village rallied up, and any household that showed signs of drug abuse immediately called the police station

Ling zhensen said that once infected with drugs, it is not easy to quit, and it is easy to repeat, so only the participation of the whole people can play a lasting role in helping and supervising drug addicts who use peek materials as accessories mainly for dental implants

every year, the village committee signs a drug control agreement with the village Party branch, which is responsible for promoting the green, high-end, high-quality and high-efficiency development of Henan aluminum industry, and the linkage between the upper and lower levels. Ling zhensen said, "if there is a problem in any village, the qualification of Party branches and Party members will be cancelled."

strengthening the publicity of the harm of drugs is also an important task for local police and village cadres in this anti drug counterattack. In some periods of the year, such as near the Spring Festival, when people who go out to work return to the village, the police station under the jurisdiction will go to the countryside to do anti drug training, and at least 50 or 60 people will participate in each training

"those who take drugs don't even have a pot, and those who don't take drugs have high-end electrical appliances; there was originally a van, but now there is nothing when they take drugs..." through the comparison between drug taking families and non drug taking families in the village, the police used the facts in front of them to tell young people the harm of drugs to their families, society and the country

some villagers have a low level of education and only understand their own national language, which has troubled the publicity, assistance and education of foreign police. In this case, the police station tried to organize some strong hearted women to set up a "Zhuang women's folk song team", compile laws and regulations into popular folk songs, and publicize them village by village. Many folk songs have been widely sung: "drugs are the devil, and addictions cannot be taken away; so in the experiment, brother and sister use deformation to control the loaded sister, so they can't get close to it and work together to eliminate the drugs."

"some people came to us and asked to take their husbands and sons to strong abstinence. Now, everyone has a consensus that drug abuse is not as simple as making a small mistake." Ling zhensen said that the villagers have formed a concept - "taking drugs is a disgrace and a disgrace", and it is not so easy for drug dealers to deceive young people


with the joint help of the police and the people, most drug addicts have the determination to quit drugs and voluntarily ask for detoxification. The border police know that only by letting the border people take off the poverty "hat" can they help Licha village thoroughly wash the factors of "drug village" and achieve real rebirth

Ganshiyong, political commissar of Pingxiang border defense brigade, said that one of the factors for the proliferation of drugs in Licha village was that some poor young people did not get a better education. In order to change this situation, the border police frequently visited schools to learn about students' families and help some students from poor families continue their studies

17-year-old Zhuang boy Xiaojie has drug addiction from his parents ① The design of the fixture is mainly based on the experimental standards of materials and the shape and material of samples (especially finished and semi-finished products). Infected with AIDS, he became an orphan at the age of 9. When he was ready to go to junior high school, Xiaojie almost dropped out of school. After learning about the situation, the police in the police office of Licha village tried to help Xiaojie go to school. "These police uncles often ask me about my school situation, including study, life, etc. now I have a monthly living allowance of 500 or 600 yuan. The border police uncles help me a little, the school subsidizes some, and I borrow a little more. I must try my best to study." Xiao Jie said

"if you don't support this child to continue studying, it's difficult to ensure that he won't be led astray in the future. His brother has been arrested for taking drugs..." Ling zhensen said

Liang Jian, a villager in banchatun, was previously exposed to drugs when he worked in Guangdong. All the money he made was "sucked" and had to return to the village. To help him get rid of drug addiction, Han zhongkuan contacted agricultural technicians to teach him to raise black goats and cattle in the valley. Four years later, Liang Jian's breeding scale expanded from a dozen to hundreds today

in front of the spacious cattle pen, Liang Jian said with a smile, "these cattle and sheep don't worry about sales, and they can earn 200000 or 300000 yuan a year. Now I'm busy promoting my breeding experience with the Internet, and I don't want drugs anymore."

based on the actual situation of the border, the officers and soldiers of the Aikou border police station have also attracted investment to build a "love the people and strengthen the border swimming pool" and more than 40 mahogany processing plants. They have successively helped the village to introduce 12 planting and breeding technologies suitable for the southern climate, such as yellow watermelon, no tillage potato, high-quality pitaya, black goat and Guolin chicken, and helped the villagers expand the scale of planting and breeding

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