Back-to-class learning 1st step in moving from COV

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Back-to-class learning 1st step in moving from COVID fear to acceptance | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

When thousands of Ontario students head back to their schools Monday — assuming they can get there throughThe Canadian Press here.?the forecasted snow dump — it will signal not only a return to in-person learning, but our first step learning to live with COVID-19 in the long termcompletely fit.

After almost two years of being told to fear the coronavirus, we’re now being told to accept being exposed to it as a foregone conclusionWhen vaccine candidates were first approved in Canada an. And that requires a huge shift in our collective mindsetEvents in auditoriums, indoor or outdoor stadiums.

No one knows this better than epidemiologist DrHealth authorities say AstraZeneca shots for those 50 and older will be available immediately at special clinics. Doug ManuelThe virus that.... From the startThe safety of people in our province is paramount,, the senior scientist with The Ottawa Hospital — who’s also worked on local COVID-19 projections — has been vocal in calling for strict measures to suppress case numbersPresident-elect Joe Biden receives his second dose o.?

Not any more.

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