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The dimming glass adopts the high-speed film specially developed for dimming glass and high-quality automobile grade float glass

the dimming glass adopts the high-speed film specially developed for dimming glass and high-quality automobile grade float glass, and is processed with advanced laminated glass mall technology. The technology is leading and the performance is excellent. The products have passed various ophthalmic inspections, ensuring the high quality of the products. When powered on, the all-optical passing rate is as high as 82%, the haze is less than 3.5%, when powered off, the haze is as high as 95%, the power consumption is less than 4w/m2, and the meter electrical performance is excellent, reaching the international advanced level

as a scientific and technological product, what aspects can dimming glass be applied to

I. application in business field:

1. Curtain effect

in a transparent state, it can display background decorative pictures, or serve as the glass wall of the conference room. In the opaque state, it can replace the imaging screen and has the characteristics of clearer picture. In this way, the functional monopoly of the traditional cement wall is broken, and multiple functions are realized

2. Space partition function

even in a large office area, it will be narrow and stuffy if it is separated by several walls or frosted glass. All of them adopt transparent glass design and lack business confidentiality. At this time, you really need a glass material that can adjust the transparency to solve your troubles. When the meeting room is free, it can be adjusted to a full light and transparent state. When conducting business negotiations, just move gently, The whole negotiation area can be completely blurred from the surrounding eyes

II. Residential application (open vision & private space)

1. The external setting of

balcony bay windows plus dimming glass can make a revolutionary improvement in the poor privacy of buildings that can be seen by everyone. Under daily conditions, adjust to transparent state and maintain transparent lighting; In a casual state, in order to maintain a sense of security, it can be adjusted to an opaque state, but there is still sunshine to be close to, killing two birds with one stone. It is also applicable to toilets and showers

2. Indoor space partition

using dimming glass to separate rooms, improve the spatial layout and increase the freedom of light regulation will get unexpected results

3. Small home theater curtain (leisurely personal space)

the principle is the same as that of business projection curtain

III. The Application of

in medical institutions can replace curtains, play a shielding and partition function, solid and safe, sound insulation and impurity elimination, and have the benefits of environmental protection, cleaning and not easy pollution, so as to remove concerns for patients and avoid trouble for doctors

IV. anti theft application in shopping malls and banks

in the bulletproof glass and display cabinet glass of the counters of bank jewelry, museums and exhibition industries, the transparent state is maintained during normal business applications. In case of emergencies, the remote control can be used to instantly reach the fuzzy state, so that the criminal agents lose their targets, and the personal and property safety can be guaranteed to the greatest extent





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