Recognize the six traps of home decoration budget

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Everyone will hope that home decoration can be economical, so for a long time, consumers and decoration companies have been the most controversial place in the budget quotation. The budget should not only listen to the decoration company's report, but also be confident. If you can't figure out this account, it's biased to haggle indiscriminately or blindly listen to it. Xiaobian brings you several common traps in the home decoration budget. I hope you can really be happy home decoration

trap 1. Choose a business based on price

when choosing a home decoration company, consumers will always make a final decision after repeated comparison and research. Among them, the total project quotation given to them by the decoration company is a reference factor, and they often choose the decoration company with a more cost-effective total quotation

trap 2. Stealing items and missing items

in order to get customers to sign the contract as soon as possible, the decoration company will deliberately omit items in the construction quotation, which gives consumers the illusion that the whole project is cheap, and then add items and increase the quotation after the construction starts. For example, items such as door jambs and window jambs are deliberately omitted. When construction is carried out, these items must be done, and consumers have to add items

trap 3. Reduce the quantity

another trick of decoration companies in quotation is to reduce the quantity. For example, when it comes to the area of wooden floors, plastering, cabinets, etc., the quantity will be reported less, and it will be more than that when it comes to settlement

trap 4. Make up the difference by underreporting

in order to give consumers the feeling of low quotation, decoration companies will deliberately lower the price of main materials, and consumers will make up the difference during construction. For example, when buying ceramic tiles, the price is quoted at 1.2 yuan, but when consumers see that the quality of ceramic tiles at 1.2 yuan is not good, they naturally require to buy better ones, and the price difference is made up by consumers

trap 5. Dig carrots to fill the pit

many decoration companies firmly grasp the psychology of consumers' desire for low price and good quality, and make up the price difference by digging carrots to fill the pit. For example, the price of large projects (such as wardrobe, bookshelf, door, etc.) should be quoted as low as possible to make consumers feel that the quotation of this company is relatively reasonable; Then the unit price of small items such as top corner line, skirting line and latex paint shall be appropriately increased

trap 6: fish eyes mixed with pearls

for example, the drawings and quotations finally provided by the decoration company should clearly express the size, practice and materials of each part, including brand, model and price. For example, a set of kitchen combination cabinets cannot be used to summarize detailed projects; If some combined cabinets are composed of many sub cabinets, users should know the model, size, relevant accessories and other contents of these sub cabinets

in addition, in order to prevent stealing and missing items, consumers must carefully read the engineering drawings and quotations after receiving them to check whether all the decoration items you require have been provided by the decoration company and whether there are missing items. Often many users only care about the last total quotation. If the total quotation does not include the items required by users, you will suffer economic losses





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