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Geng Nuo

opened the newly bought second-hand house, but found that the original owner had removed everything that could be removed from the house, not even essential goods such as lamps and toilets. This is the experience of Miss Duan, a second-hand house buyer, and this is not an example

when buying a second-hand house, the decoration is naturally within the consideration of the buyer, but there are such loopholes in the sale of second-hand houses in this city: there are no sufficiently detailed supplementary terms for house decoration, and there is no detailed agreement in the model text of the contract. At present, second-hand housing has become the absolute main force of housing transactions in the city. This loophole has caused the current situation that it is quite beneficial to second-hand housing owners, but not enough to protect the rights and interests of buyers

spend an extra 100000 for decoration

at more than 9 p.m. last October, when Miss Duan arrived at the second-hand house owner's house with the intermediary salesman, she was attracted by the living room chandelier. The colored halos reflected by the crystal glass were projected on the ceiling, which made her decide to buy the suite almost instantly. Next, take a closer look at the parts. Kohler's bathroom facilities, solid wood kitchen cabinets, and huge bathroom mirrors all made her more and more happy

but compared with the same apartment downstairs, the price of this suite is 100000 yuan higher

“ Look at the decoration. If you want to buy this suite, you can check in simply. It's more convenient& rdquo; The intermediary salesman repeatedly pushed Miss Duan, and finally let her decide to trade

but when the transfer procedures were completed and both parties planned to handle the property handover, Miss Duan was stunned by the scene in front of her &mdash& mdash; Where the chandelier was originally hung, only the ends of two wires, red and blue, were left; There are only bulbs left in the chandelier at the porch; The door of the cabinet was removed, the vegetable washing pool, the range hood and the stove were all missing, and several big holes were left in the cabinet on the countertop and above; Several air conditioners in the house have been removed; The wash basin, toilet and bathtub in the bathroom have also been moved, with exposed sewer pipes

what's going on? Miss Duan found the original owner, but the original owner said they sold “ Room ”, It's not items such as chandeliers in the house, and there is no agreement in the contract to leave these for Miss Duan. The two sides have argued for several times, but in the end there was no result

it's beautiful to see the house. It's not uncommon to see the shrinkage of the house.

is the situation encountered by Miss Duan a case? A relevant person in charge from a large intermediary company said that it was not

“ Among the disputes we dealt with, in addition to the housing payment arrival time, household registration and school district disputes, the most other disputes were such disputes& rdquo; The person in charge said

after retrieving the data, he said that the situation encountered by Miss Duan was still “ Not serious ”, Some homeowners even demolished metal doors and balcony windows after selling their houses, leaving buyers worse than rough houses

the reporter also found in a group of house buyers that after buying a second-hand house in Shuangqiao, the original owner removed the lamps and bathroom facilities, and only agreed to compensate 1500 yuan. Another buyer found that the original owner had removed the curtain rod and the support frame of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner and sold the waste products for money

compared with them, a netizen said he was lucky. The original owner also removed part of the decoration, but gave him a new one& ldquo; Dajin's air conditioner has become Gree's, Toto's sink has become Tang Tao, and Hans Geya's shower has also been removed. There is a difference of more than 30000 yuan in several calculations, so we can only let it go& rdquo;

there are no detailed terms in the contract. Be careful

at present, second-hand houses have become the main force of market transactions. Last year, the trading volume of second-hand houses in the city was more than three times that of new houses of pure commercial houses. Industry insiders predict that with the further rise in the trading volume of second-hand houses, the hidden “ Lei ” It will explode at any time

previously, the refined decoration of the house was delivered together with the house, which was “ Convention &rdquo& ldquo; Unless otherwise specified, these decorations are generally presented with the room. After all, when the buyer looks at the house, these decorations are also within the scope of the buyer's measurement& rdquo; Said a second-hand housing transaction professional who has worked for nearly 20 years

compared with the real money and silver spent by buyers, “ Convention ” These four words can not fully protect the rights and interests of home buyers. In the model text of the Beijing stock housing sales contract jointly launched by the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development and the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, although the annex contains a list of specific conditions such as the list of housing ancillary facilities and equipment, decoration, and related items, the reporter noted that although it details the handover of a variety of household appliances, even including telephones, drinking fountains, and vacuum cleaners, there is a lack of attention to lamps, toilets Description of hard decoration that cannot be moved directly, such as bathtub

“ In the second-hand housing transaction, there should be preservative records and records of the current situation of the hardbound housing, and the buyer and the intermediary should also take photos and videos accordingly, so as to claim their rights as evidence& rdquo; Chen Zhi, Secretary General of Beijing Real Estate Association, said

the reporter randomly retrieved seven house purchase contracts from different intermediaries and found that most of the contract annexes were missing details. It has become a common situation in the contract that the decoration situation is not marked in detail, and the electrical appliances traded with the house are not marked with the brand and model

“ From the perspective of government management, the contents of the terms of the model contract text should be improved, and even the buyer and the seller should be clearly prompted to mark the transfer and use of the decoration and accessories handed over together with the house& rdquo; Chen Zhi called for second-hand intermediary service institutions to make a particularly clear interpretation and a clear definition

according to the statistics of linkhome Research Institute, the trading volume of second-hand housing in Beijing in December 2015 was 24543 units, up 56.8% month on month and 97.8% year on year, reaching the highest level of the whole year; In 2015, the cumulative turnover of second-hand housing in Beijing was 198018 units, an increase of 91.2% over 2014. The annual online signing volume exceeded that of 2010, the highest level in the past six years

“ In the future, the real estate market in Beijing will be dominated by the second-hand housing market and the rental market, and disputes over equipment, facilities and decoration may be more concentrated. Constraints from the perspective of contract need to be nipped in the bud& rdquo; Chen Zhi said

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