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Facing all kinds of home styles and colorful interior decoration, you may have aesthetic fatigue. At this time, you might as well feel the simple beauty of the original space. The designer didn't pay too much attention to the decoration of the wall. The pure white background wall gives people a simple, elegant and natural texture. The space transition is highlighted by color lines, giving the compact apartment a sense of spacious space and excellent visual effect

decoration owner's files:

Community: happy era (more decoration renderings of happy era) house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 100000 decoration company: Decoration bidding

living room design

design focus: corner brick wall

editor's comments: the corner brick wall is full of concave and convex texture, which not only makes the dead corner space appear three-dimensional and fresh, Change the monotonous transition of the background wall design, giving the space a sense of surprise

living room design

design focus: floor to ceiling window design

editor's comments: create a leisure reading area in the corner of the brick wall. The floor to ceiling window combined with transparent glass and frosted glass allows the owner to move alternately according to his own needs, and easily control the shading and daylighting of the reading area

living room design

design focus: embedded shoe cabinet

editor's comments: build the shoe cabinet into a form embedded in the wall, which is creative and effectively saves space. The black and blue cabinets form a sharp color contrast with the white background wall color design, and the visual effect is excellent

living room design

design focus: TV wall

editor's comments: the TV wall design is extremely simple, the white background makes the black TV and shoe cabinet become three-dimensional and lightweight, and the open space design allows the TV to take into account the viewing function of the living room and dining room

living room design

design focus: sense of lines

editor's comments: the simple striped floor is full of solid wood texture, which makes the simple apartment look more fresh and natural. Its clear lines reflect each other with the lines of indoor furniture and walls, creating an elegant space full of sense of lines

Restaurant Design

design focus: chandelier design

editor's comments: the chandelier design changes the monotonous straight-line pendant form, adopts the elegant curve shape of parabola, raises the visual space, and also makes the restaurant area appear more three-dimensional




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