The significance of equipment management in the mo

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The significance of equipment management in printing enterprises

equipment management almost involves the production and operation of enterprises. To sum up, its impact on enterprises and its role in industrial production include the following aspects

I. It is related to the output and quality of products. In a narrow sense, equipment management is to keep the equipment in good working condition, maintain normal production order and rhythm, and ensure that the production reaches the predetermined output and quality indicators. If we do not manage the daily use, maintenance, planned overhaul, regular inspection and safe operation of production equipment properly, the normal production rhythm will be disrupted and the completion of expected objectives will be affected

in particular, for some large-scale, automatic and continuous production equipment with large investment and operation costs, the most recent news was the "feedback of special inspection by the 6th inspection team of the Central Committee to China's No. 5 coal mine" released on June 19. Any incomplete structure and performance of the host or one of its subsystems during operation will affect the production plan of the whole enterprise and lead to the reduction of product quality, As a result, the production task can not be completed, and in serious cases, major production accidents will be caused

II. Related to the cost of products

the impact of equipment management on product costs. In addition to the above-mentioned production and quality factors, there is also the problem of equipment maintenance. Compared with customers, they all want to know the costs and maintenance costs

strengthening maintenance can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment, shutdown and overhaul cycle, and save maintenance costs. However, excessive maintenance will increase the maintenance cost

2. The development trend of convergence has initially formed

III. accidental equipment injury accidents related to safety production and environmental protection in industrial production not only cause physical and mental injury to workers, but also disrupt the normal production order of the enterprise and cause heavy economic losses to the enterprise. Therefore, how to more effectively prevent equipment accidents, ensure safe production and reduce personal casualties in actual production, It has become a major subject of modern equipment management

to some extent, environmental pollution is also caused by backward production equipment and poor equipment management

in the past few years, although our company has made great progress in equipment management and maintenance and made gratifying changes, it is still a weak link in current production and enterprise management. Mainly in the following aspects:

1) insufficient understanding of the dialectical relationship between production and maintenance. The tendency of paying more attention to production than maintenance, paying more attention to use than management, and relaxing basic work still exists, which reduces the quality of equipment maintenance and directly affects the improvement of production safety and product quality

2) one sided pursuit of output value. Speed and profit indicators, excluding normal production maintenance and equipment overhaul plans, and the short-term behavior of equipment disrepair and equipment splicing still exist. Blue Book of China printing

3) equipment management measures are not implemented in place, and there is a lack of equipment management professionals. The technical training for operators and maintenance personnel of new equipment and technology is not enough

4) some operators have a gap in understanding the lifelong management of equipment, lack of necessary means and conditions, and are still in the situation of segmented management before and after the use of equipment

to sum up, attaching importance to equipment management, strengthening equipment maintenance, and improving the level of equipment managers are an urgent task for equipment management departments and equipment managers, driven by the growth of the US and Brazil markets

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