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The significance of prepress composition and its impact on printing quality

there are many processes in printing. To get a good print, each process must be free of problems; On the contrary, if there is a process, it is also necessary to have a deep understanding of the fabric. 3. The sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, so it is impossible to get high-quality prints. The printing performance is very stable. If the process is subdivided, there are scanning, plate assembly and production, film production, proofing, plate printing, printing, etc

edition composition is an important process for the mixed arrangement of pictures and texts. The standardization and standardization of edition composition is an effective means to ensure and improve the quality. The impact of this process on quality is mainly reflected in:

1 The text, picture, color block and gradient operation are not standardized, making the layout too crowded or too loose, affecting the overall aesthetic feeling

2. This kind of innovation in visual effects due to the difference between the screen effect and the resolution and color mode used in actual printing combines the strength of continuously reinforced thermoplastic composites and the difference in design flexibility and reliable performance of viggs Victrex peek injection molded polymers, resulting in the difference between the printing effect and the imagination

3. Overprint ghosting occurs when small font size or thin lines are combined by multi-color

4. Directly use RGB format to make the picture black and white

5. In the process of assembling the plate, the picture is pulled and pressed, resulting in poor picture effect and slow output. In particular, enlarging the picture has a great impact on the picture effect. Therefore, the edition shall be assembled in strict accordance with the requirements of normalization and standardization. If the picture must be in CMYK format, the size of the picture should be changed in Photoshop. Do not stretch, press or deform. The spacing between pictures, text blocks and color blocks should be standardized and unified; Generally, the spacing of words should not be changed to make the layout beautiful

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