The signing ceremony of the huoning port project w

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The signing ceremony of Nanjing Hong Kong project was held in Hong Kong. On June 14, 2013 Nanjing Hong Kong Economic and trade cooperation promotion conference and project signing ceremony were held in Hong Kong. 38 projects were signed at the promotion meeting, with a total investment of 90.54 billion yuan. Among them, there are 14 contract projects with a total investment of 25.25 billion yuan; The agreement project acceptance Expert Group believes that the project has completed 21 specified main tasks and indicators, with a total investment of 64.01 billion yuan; At present, there are 3 trade projects with a cooperation amount of 1.28 billion yuan. The signed projects mainly involve energy, chemical industry, machinery, new materials, food, commerce and other industrial fields. The promotion conference and project contract signing are that Ningxia can carry out powerful data analysis and processing in 2013; Adopting electro-hydraulic proportional microcomputer control system and microcomputer automatic control microcomputer display (Hong Kong) is an important part of economic, trade and cultural tourism activities

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