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The significance of packaging enterprises to market research

last autumn, they collected wind in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. The yellow sand and ruggedness in the West gave the city a unique style. People were leisurely basking in the sun on days without wind and sand. In such a place, those days were busy, but in essence, they were idle. Until that sunny afternoon, I met a Shenzhen man who was also walking around. In this strange place, our two strangers became friends, and their curiosity aroused some thoughts

a person doing market research

this friend surnamed Wang is an employee of a packaging design company in Shenzhen. His job is to travel around the country, collect and sort out various liquor market information, track and investigate the market performance of customers' products, and propose rational creative elements for the company's design department

I am no stranger to his work. Many similar jobs are being done by our magazine. The key is that such a post as a packaging company makes me a little surprised

according to our understanding, domestic packaging enterprises basically do not have permanent market dispatching personnel. Some of them set up a temporary team or send designers to the customer's location and the main market of the product to conduct a symbolic survey according to the requirements of the entrusting party; Some do not do market research at all. With the experience of designer enterprises with 10 industrial parks, packaging works are released in the fight room

why did their company do this

Mr. Wang said: "some are the requirements of customers, and some are our company's commitment to customer service."

"do you think it's necessary to do this? My family can't stay. I spend most of the year running around, and the company costs a lot." He complained to me

looking at his tired face, I was moved and sighed

his company assigned him such a job. He may or may not understand enough, but I want to say: good job! It is a blessing for our Baijiu enterprises to have more far sighted packaging companies

but how many packaging companies are willing to do this? Is it expensive? Or is there no need to do it at all

the cost of less than 100000 yuan

asked about the salary of the city dispatcher and the cost of doing the work

he told me without reservation. His monthly salary is 2000 yuan. He travels abroad for about 20 days a month. The total cost of transportation, accommodation and travel subsidies is nearly 5000 yuan. The maximum amount of the whole year is no more than 100000 yuan

the cost of less than 100000 yuan has just become a worry for packaging enterprises

do it. It will cost a small sum of money. There is a clear distinction between the fixture and the host in this regard. This money can hire a decent designer; If you don't do it, you won't lose much. Choose one of the two. Of course, the vast majority of packaging enterprises simply save money

what does a medium-sized or above packaging design and printing company think of the cost of 100000 yuan? Although the sales of Baijiu industry declined due to the impact of SARS last year, which directly affected the output value of the liquor packaging industry, it was not that we could not afford a position of 100000 yuan. "We just felt that we didn't do it, and we only spent time when we needed it." The boss of a packaging company told me that the same voice was heard in different places

it seems that we do not pay enough attention to this work

is it really unnecessary for the city dispatcher to set up

the necessity of the market investigator

the production cost of alcohol products the industry knows that the market price varies with the brand value, advertising and promotion cost and concepts. Besides, how many consumers know that the same wine has a huge price difference due to different packaging. This is the function of packaging. It is already a part of product competitiveness. No one can deny it

because packaging is becoming more and more important, manufacturers do not pay less attention to it, and they do not change or give instructions to our service personnel. They say that those high-end products spend a lot of money to create beautiful packaging, that is, some medium - and low-end products are also writing articles and making efforts in packaging

a lot of friends in the packaging industry said to me, "customers are getting more and more difficult to cope with. They don't understand how beautiful our packaging is and how fashionable our concept is." Or say: "the design XX I recommended has been successful. Their product positioning is the same. I don't know why he is not satisfied."

is this a weakness in the packaging industry? no The prosperity of the domestic packaging industry seems exciting. When the supply and demand sides have their differences with the new energy vehicles, the packers do not think carefully - what kind of packaging is needed by the market and satisfied by customers

this year's spring fair, Ms. Yaoyi, general manager of Shenzhen Heli power Packaging Co., Ltd., where Mr. Wang is a city dispatcher, said: "We can provide customers with the latest packaging in the market at the first time, and understand the latest consumer trends and consumer psychology. We always worry about the customer's anxieties and think about the customer's principles. Even if the customer doesn't put forward requirements, we can provide modification suggestions to the customer's original packaging at the first time and on the first site, understand the customer's brand creativity, and submit the latest design scheme in time. Similarly, we are in and Customers' communication is unimpeded because of their understanding of the market. All this is due to market research! "

I think Ms. Yao's words have clarified the necessity of market research. I hope that more packaging enterprises pay attention to service, don't stop talking, implement it and stick to it

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