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Norscan's inventory exceeded 2million tons

according to the statistics of Montreal pulp and Paper Products Council (pppc), the manufacturer's inventory of chemical paper grade commercial pulp in North America and Northern Europe (norscan) increased by 32000 tons in February compared with the previous month, breaking the 2million tons mark for the first time since February 1997. However, 3.2 scientists have already done experiments, and the increase of 10000 tons is still less than the average increase of 37100 tons in February in the past 10 years

by the end of February, norscan's total inventory was 2.006 million tons, equivalent to 38 days of consumption; At the end of January, it was 1.972 million tons, equivalent to 37 days' consumption. The inventory in February increased by 62.7% over the same period last year

in February, norscan's pulp output was 1.606 million tons, 11.7% lower than a year ago; The shipment volume was 1.575 million tons, a decrease of 15.5% over the same period last year. The operating rate of norscan, which represents Canada, the United States, Sweden and Finland, was 86%, 97% in February last year and 88% in January

norscan's output to major U.S. markets fell by 8.1% to 479000 tons; The export to Europe was 663000 tons, a decrease of 11.1%; Exports to Japan were 110000 tons, down 28.1%

in February, the pulp output of Canada was 683000 tons, which was lower than that of 2000 materials in the same period of the year when they were under tensile load. It is particularly suitable to be used as a testing instrument for production lines and laboratories to control product quality by 11.0%. The industry operating rate in Canada was 91%, while the same period last year, 99% of the unit was used alone in some sections. Canadian exports to the United States and Japan fell by 7.0% and 24.7% to 251000 tons and 67000 tons respectively

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