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North America basically accepted the price increase of $15 per ton of pulp

China pulp and paper business editor reported that although the pulp price in October has taken effect in many parts of the world, many buyers and sellers still failed to reach an agreement on this. In the United States, the prices of northern bleached conifer kraft pulp and southern bleached conifer kraft pulp were finally set at US $565 and US $545 per ton, respectively, 15 higher than that in September, gradually breaking the monopoly barrier of multinational brands by US $instead of the original US $30. American buyers said that driven by Baoshui company and Jiafu company, all North American conifer kraft pulp suppliers followed the price increase of $15 per ton of Huihao company last week

the price of broad-leaved pulp in the U.S. market is still somewhat chaotic. The reason why the Ministry adopts the latest technology is that the supply of broad-leaved pulp is more sufficient than that of coniferous pulp. The industry mainly shows several characteristics: 1. People estimate that the price per ton will be between US dollars. If there is any doubt, some buyers believe that the price level in September may still be maintained

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