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North American ethylene producers continue to seek cooperation with Middle East producers

Boru: 150 ton polyethylene project starts construction

it is reported that Fitch Ratings said on Monday that ethylene producers in North America will continue to seek joint venture projects with Middle East producers, because the ethylene industry in North America is under the heavy pressure of a substantial increase in global new capacity (2) the rise in electromechanical temperature. According to Fitch, the demand for ethylene and its derivatives in North America will remain weak until the end of this year, but will gradually recover from 2010. Among them, the recovery of market demand for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will be relatively slow, because pvpla material is currently a very popular material C, which is mainly used in residential and construction markets. Ethylene production capacity in the Gulf region of the United States, especially small and aging steam cracking units, will be idle or permanently shut down, because low-cost production units in other regions are successively put into operation

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