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North American Publishers predict that the price of paper will rise by 12% in 2006

senior executives of the four major publishing groups in the United States predicted at a recent media conference in New York that the price of paper will rise by an average of 10% to 12% in 2006, which may reach the highest level in recent 10 years

at this meeting (USB), the senior executive of reader magazine predicted that the paper price would increase by a high single digit and a low double digit through cutting-edge technology and process of "composite digital production system" SABIC; Gannett predicts an increase of 13% - 14%; The New York Times predicts an increase of 11% to 13%; Media general predicts an increase of 17% to 18%

as the number of readers of newspapers continues to decrease, the rise in the price of paper in the past three years has put further pressure on the gross profit and stock value of major U.S. publishers. Recently, the shareholders of major Knight Rider called on the company to sell the second largest publishing house in the United States

the cost of paper usually accounts for 10% - 20% of the cost of paper printing, but publishers offset the rise in offset printing prices through consumption and other cost savings. However, analysts estimate that due to the reduced opportunities for paper cost reduction, the gross profit of newspaper publishers will be under greater pressure

North American paper suppliers envy the gross profits made by their customers (and many major media companies), which are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. As readers turned to various electronic media, the circulation of newspapers decreased. At the same time, the advertising fees are also transferred to Google, Craigslist and Yahoo with the attention of readers

according to media advertisers, the profits of TV media are also facing challenges. They believe that most of the customers of TV media who are currently repairing the factory in Jiaxing, China, are transferred to advertising, which will reduce the advertising revenue of TV media. Grarat Americas, one of the largest American companies, predicts that the cost of advertising will double to 15% of the company's budget in the next three years; The CEO of grarat company found that the successful acceptance of the project by TV media customers reduced their TV media advertising budget from 2/3 to 1/2. There are signs that the Internet is approaching television media and newspapers to become the third largest advertising media on Madison Street

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