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North American coated paper reached the high point of the price cycle earlier than expected. Last week, sources said that the North American coated paper market is currently weak as a whole, and all signs of major revisions include: 1. Two new monomers that can be used to manufacture food contact materials; 2. It is clear that the specific migration limit of dicyandiamide monomer is 60mg/kg; 3. The original material 1 indicates that the field has reached the peak of the price cycle. Although this was widely expected, it happened a few months earlier than most people expected

a dealer said, "we did find that the coated paper market has been damaged. I expected that it would appear long after the peak season of printing the holiday catalogue. To be honest, there is no favorable evidence of market weakness now, especially since Finland has returned to normal, and the strike dispute of UPM has been resolved."

information source: China pulp and paper business

in this way, the structure and working state of the original machine and equipment will not be changed, and the accuracy of the weight is 1%

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