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The North American Glass Association will release 20 glass information announcements

on June 13, the North American Glass Association (Gana) announced that it will release 20 glass information announcements (GIB). Gib includes a series of glass knowledge documents. Personnel in the glass industry can visit the website of the association. The information includes the production process and cleaning methods of decorative glass. In addition, the announcement also provides glass transportation, cutting from scratch and other deep-processing glass production processes

Mr. Brian Pitman, director of the market communication department of the association, pointed out that "decorative glass has developed rapidly in recent years and has occupied a large share in the whole glass industry. The latest glass information announcement issued by the association will be very helpful for glass manufacturers to make correct judgments to grasp market opportunities. It will also help glass users better choose and maintain decorative glass."

in addition, the North American Glass Association will soon announce the price of printed documents of this announcement on the website. Decorative glass information and outline documents will be collected by professional libraries after professional printing

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