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North American packaging market will continue to be "strong"

[China Packaging News] North America is the world's largest packaging consumer market, which has maintained a stable growth trend except for a brief decline in 2009. Although people are generally cautious about the development prospects of the global packaging market, according to Smithers Pinot's prediction, the packaging industry in North America will continue to grow, and is expected to reach $186billion in 2017, with an average annual growth rate of 1.4%

the growth rate of Mexico is amazing

among the three countries in North America, the growth rate of Mexico's packaging market is the fastest in both the short and medium term. In 2011, the largest packaging market in North America was the United States, with a market share of 83.3%, followed by 9.7% in Canada and 7.0% in Mexico. In the context of the global economic downturn, the negative impact on the United States is also the largest

in the next five years, the average annual growth rate of the Mexican packaging market is expected to reach 3.1%. Among them, the fast-growing field is soft drink packaging. Packaging enterprises must find ways to meet the dual needs of consumers for packaging functionality and intelligence

paperboard leads the growth of industries with good seismic performance

although the recession of paperboard in the global financial crisis is more serious than that of other packaging materials, especially in the United States. However, its recovery speed is also the fastest in each tolerance group, with the tolerance values of group A and group B. at present, it has recovered to the level before the financial crisis. In 2011, cardboard accounted for the highest proportion of the total consumption of the North American packaging market, accounting for 33.7%, of which corrugated packaging accounted for the largest proportion of the total sales of cardboard packaging in North America

corrugated paper packaging is not only the fastest-growing cardboard packaging field, but also the largest cardboard consumption field, accounting for about 64.3% of the total cardboard consumption in North America. The share of the United States in the total sales of cardboard packaging in North America will grow at an annual rate of 0.9% from 2013 to 2017, and will reach US $51.9 billion in 2017

rigid plastic packaging has a bright future

these partially fluorinated polymers also provide the high purity and solubility required for use with typical solvents such as acetyl 3-butyl citrate (ATBC), N-methyl pyrrolidone (NMP), glyceryl 3 acetate (GTA), 2-butyl phthalate (DBP) and 2-octyl phthalate (DOP) in the tips process. According to the report "2017 North American packaging market forecast" released by Smithers Pinot, The hard plastic packaging market will maintain an annual growth rate of 2.6% in the next few years, and reach a sales volume of $40billion and 11.9 million tons in 2017. The market prospect of hard plastic packaging is very broad, and its growth rate will exceed that of pet (polyethylene terephthalate) and PE (polyethylene), which are currently in the limelight

in 2017, the size of the hard plastic packaging market in North America will reach 433.5 billion US dollars, while PE and pet will still be the most used plastic materials in the field of consumer goods manufacturing

the industrial sector shows signs of recovery

at present, uncertainty is still the biggest problem perplexing the economic development of North America, especially under the circumstances of the intensifying European debt crisis and the complex political situation of oil exporting countries. Even the United States has been affected by problems such as real estate depreciation and financing difficulties. However, the industrial sector in North America has shown obvious signs of recovery after the cold winter of 2009, and the price of real estate is also slowly rising

in the next few years, the growth rate of industrial packaging will be consistent with that of consumer goods packaging, with an average annual growth rate of 1.2% and a market size of $62.5 million in 2017

retail easy packaging will grow

retail easy packaging refers to a product packaging that can be displayed or sold on the shelf without any assembly or unpacking. It is characterized by an easy to open packaging structure. The salesperson can open the package with one hand without the help of any tools, and put the whole package on the shelf, which is very convenient for picking up and counting, and can keep the shelf neat and beautiful. Because it can play the dual functions of advertising and displaying products, retail easy packaging can significantly reduce the processing and transportation costs of the whole product

as more and more retailers begin to consider adopting retail easy packaging, they will also get more growth opportunities in North America. According to a survey conducted by packaging world magazine, 57% of packaging suppliers in North America said that their customers' demand for retail easy packaging has increased in the past 12 months

brand awareness further expanded

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